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The removal from their rightful owners or from archaeological sites of objects of artistic, historic or cultural value. This includes wartime looting of art and antiquities.

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The Iraq War and Archaeology
Francis Deblauwe gathers articles and information about the impact of the war on the archaeological remains in Iraq, including the losses from looting.
The Art Loss Register
Operates a permanent international database of stolen and missing works of art, antiques and valuables, to assist law enforcement agencies in the battle against art theft.
Art Theft - Most Wanted Art
Search for the world's most wanted art.
Britain Leads Illicit Trade in Rare Books
The Guardian reports that Britain has become the centre for criminal traffick in ancient manuscripts and historic books.
CBC Indepth: Art Thefts
Indepth examination of some of the world's most famous artworks that have been stolen, including audio and video links to reports.
Gang Caught with 200,000 Artefacts
Giles Tremlett reports in the Guardian that Spanish police have captured 100 archaeological robbers in an operation that netted a vast haul of antiques up to 5,000 years old.
Looting Question Bibliography
Hugh Jarvis lists Internet and published resources on the archaeological politics of private collecting, commercial treasure hunting, looting.
Price of Age
An electronic dissertation on the illicit trade of antiquities by Andrew Cranwell.
Stolen Art
This Belgian initiative aims to assist the police in Belgium and elsewhere in the recovery and return of stolen antiques. Register stolen art pieces. Newsletters.
Your Brush With The Law
Charles Vincent Sabba looks at some famous art crimes, forensic art and the art scene in New York.
BBC: Stolen Turner Paintings Found
Two Turner paintings from the Tate galleries' collection, stolen while on display in Germany eight years ago, are found. (December 20, 2002) - Thwarting Art Thieves on a Budget
Discusses problems of art theft during business hours and how museums and other facilities have responded. (May 29, 2002)
Swiss Recover 10,000 Stolen Antiquities
Archaeology magazine feature article by Andrew Slayman on one of the largest recoveries of stolen art treasures. (September 01, 1998)
Art Theft from Cyprus to Munich
Archaeology magazine feature article by Mark Rose on the looting of frescoes, mosaics and icons from churches in Northern Cyprus (April 20, 1998)
Stolen Stones: The Modern Sack of Nineveh
Looting of Iraqi archaeological sites since the Gulf War. Illustrated feature by John M. Russell in Archaeology includes clickable map of the throne room suite. (December 30, 1996)
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