Society Crime Sex Offenses Statistics and Research
Research on the illegal acts done for sexual stimulation or gratification, or involving display or exposure of sexual organs.

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Abusive Behaviors Alleged in Two Samples of Likely False Allegations
A preliminary descriptive study to examine the types of abusive behaviors described when sexual abuse allegations are likely false.
Assessing Violent Recidivism in Sexual Offenders
Forensic and clinical psychologists have long been asked to make predictions about violence, despite the fact that, in the past, such predictions have been notoriously inaccurate.
Crimes Against Children: The Nature and Threat of Sexual Predators on the Internet
Hearing before the subcommittee on crime of the committee on the judiciary, House of Representatives.
Dangerousness: Predicting Recidivism in Violent Sex Offenders
When a violent sex offender has been tried and convicted of his crime(s), he may be proffered to a mental health facility of some variable nature for assessment and treatment.
Facts About Homosexuality and Child Molestation
Scientific research does not provide any evidence that gay men or lesbians are any more likely than heterosexuals to molest children.
Female Sexual Abusers: A Theory of Loss
Awareness about female sexual abuse perpetrators has increased in recent years. The best estimates put female perpetrators of sexual abuse at about 20% for male children and 5% for female children.
How To Survive in Prison as an Innocent Man Convicted of a Sex Crime
This article includes some strong views that may be surprising and challenging. It is believed there are many innocent men and women in prison who were wrongly convicted of sex offenses.
John Howard Society of Alberta - Sex Offender Recidivism
Sex offenders are of grave concern to the public due to the nature of sexual offending. This information sheet is intended to provide a quick overview of the research on this topic.
Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1999 National Report
A comprehensive source of information about juvenile crime, violence, and victimization.
Psychopathic Personality Commitment Law
Provides for indefinite civil commitment of dangerous sex offenders to the Department of Human Services for treatment.
Reducing Deviant Arousal Using Vicarious Sensitization
A conditioning method to reduce deviant arousal in adolescent sex offenders.
Robert Hare, PhD - Study of Psychopaths
Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R), with demonstrated reliability and validity, is rapidly being adopted worldwide as the standard instrument for researchers and clinicians.
Sex Crimes, Punishment, and Therapy
Is chemical castration an acceptable punishment for male sex offenders?
Sex Offender Community Notification
Registration legislation is intended to deter offenders from committing new offenses and create a registry to assist law enforcement investigations.
The Sex Offender: Corrections, Treatment, and Legal Practice
These two volumes together give a complete and thorough overview of the relevant scientific and professional literature on dealing with those who commit sexual offenses. The books are organized in the manner of legal reference volumes.
Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse -- Later Criminal Consequences
Previous research established evidence for a cycle of violence: people who were abused and neglected in childhood are more likely than those who were not to become involved in criminal behavior, including violent crime, later in life.
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