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The visual or audio depiction of a child for the sexual gratification of the user, and involves the production, distribution and/or use of such material.

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Adult Sites Against Child Pornography
Non-profit organization that works with the U.S. Customs Service and the FBI in enforcing anti-child pornography laws. Includes their goals, FAQ, press releases, details of members, and a facility to report suspected sites.
Anti-Child Porn Organization
Volunteer organization aiming to stop the sexual exploitation of the world's children. Offers the 'Reveal' software for download, resources for parents, whitepapers, and press.
Cyber-Rights and Cyber-Liberties
Covers legislation and regulation of child pornography on the Internet and monitors UK cases.
CyberTip Line - NCMEC
Handles calls and online reports of sexual exploitation of children.
Innocence in Danger
Dedicated to organise professionals for child protection and sensitize world opinion on the need to actively combat child pornography.
Internet Watch Foundation Online Reporting
IWF is an organisation working with the internet industry, police and Government. If you come across child abuse images hosted anywhere in the world, you may report them here.
Reflections in the Night
Offers essays, resources, and links to organisations fighting child pornography and ritual abuse.
Traces of Crimes
An essay by Dr.Albert Benschop analysing the production, distribution and use of child pornography and the operations of peadophile networks.
Web Sites Against Child Porn
Offers a medium to report websites which contain child pornography. - Child porn rising on Web
News story: "Law-enforcement officials say that the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet is growing dramatically." (August 18, 2005)
CNET: UN Urges Companies to Crack Down on Child Porn
The United Nations urges technology firms and ISPs to block access to illegal materials. (May 13, 2005)
InformationWeek : Child Pornography - Technology And The Fight Against Child Porn
Article describes technological and legal moves to find and fight child porn online. (February 11, 2005)
Arrested under Truth in Domain Names Act
A CNN report on the arrest of a site owner on charges of using misleading domain names on the Web to deceive minors into logging on to pornographic sites. (September 03, 2003)
CNET: Britain Cracks Down on Child Porn Online
Read about police raids across 19 countries against newsgroups known to regularly host indecent images of children. (June 09, 2002)
Wired: When Kid Porn Isn't Kid Porn
Article discussing websites that skirt the line between legal and illegal. (May 08, 2002)
CNN: UNESCO Launches Campaign to Fight Internet Paedophilia
Learn about UNESCO's role. (June 15, 1999)
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