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A prison is a place in which people are confined and deprived of a range of liberties. Prisons conventionally are institutions authorised by governments and forming part of a country's criminal justice system, or as facilities for holding prisoners of war. A prison system is the organizational arrangement of the provision and operation of prisons.

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African Prisons Project
A charity working to improve the welfare, health and education of prisoners. Provides information about what they do and how, videos and a blog.
American Community Corrections Institute
ACCI produces cognitive restructuring and lifeskills workbooks for youth and adults in corrections and probation settings.
Canadian Federal Inmates
Offers assistance and information to Canadian Federal Inmates and their family members.
Correctional News
News and ideas related to the design, construction, management, and operation of prisons.
Corrections USA
Not for profit corporation run by and for Correctional Officers. Issues, calendar and membership information.
Human Rights Watch: No Escape - Male Rape in U.S. Prisons
Report claiming that state authorities are responsible for widespread prisoner-on-prisoner sexual abuse in U.S. men's prisons. Video clips, prisoner statements, and case histories.
Human Writes
Non-profit organization finds penpals for people on death row.
New York Correction History Society
Articles and photos about history of state correctional services, including probation, parole, juvenile justice, incarceration alternatives, community correction, restorative justice.
North Carolina Division of Prisons
Information about the prison system and its programs.
Prison Legal News
Reports on court decisions affecting prisoners and contains information designed to help prisoners vindicate their rights in the judicial system.
The Prison Reform Trust
Aims to create a just, humane, and effective penal system. Research, publications, current projects, and event information.
Sentencing Scoresheet Compliance Report
This report details the compliance of each Florida judicial circuit in submitting sentencing scoresheets for offenders convicted of felonies between July 1, 1998 and June 30, 1999.
Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners
Complete text of the United Nations treaty.

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