This category will focus on the anticipation, recognition, and prevention of crime.
Sites in this category must provide information that will have some impact on understanding and preventing future crime. The site may represent a theory, a practice, a tip, a case history, a service, a product or an organization.

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Information for citizens organizing local Neighborhood Watch programs, recognizing and reporting suspicious activity including the detection of potential terrorist activity, and making preparedness a priority. From the National Sheriffs' Association and the Department of Justice.
Center for School Safety
Information about school safety programs and how to foster safe environments.
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Includes training programs for law enforcement officers, city planners, city managers, architects and educators.
Crime Stoppers USA
National group provides rewards for anonymous information leading to felony arrests. Includes news, programs, events and resources.
Criminal Watch
Portal featuring statistics, most wanted, sex offenders, news, and law enforcement agencies.
Fight Crime: Invest in Kids
Police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, and survivors dedicated to combat violence. Contains presentations, reports and other resources for influencing public policy.
Impact Personal Safety
Full-contact self-defense program, national class schedule, and affiliated programs.
McGruff Specialty Products Office
Online catalog of safety and education materials, from the National Crime Prevention Council.
Mobile Neighborhood Watch Patrol
Focused on building cooperation between government agencies, residents, and local businesses. Contains resources, links, and efforts.
Multi-State Crime Interdiction Unit
Reducing your chances of becoming a victim through informative and educational safety seminars. Areas of interest include gangs, drugs, and weapons.
National Sheriffs' Association - Crime Prevention
Sheriffs' local law enforcement crime prevention programs including neighborhood watch, child safety, crime watch and other NCPC and BJA efforts promoting homeland security
National White Collar Crime Center
Nationwide training, research, and investigative support system for law enforcement and regulatory agencies involved in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of economic and high-tech crime.
Increasing public awareness of the tactics and methods used by criminals. Tips, advice, and a free online monthly magazine.
Teens Against Graffiti
Dedicated to combating the increasing graffiti problem, through education, prosecution and community clean ups.
Trayvon Martin Foundation
A not-for-profit organization, creating awareness of how violent crime impacts the families of the victims.
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