A lynching is a murder or execution by a mob, without the force, sanction, or process of the law.
About Lynching
Collection of essays, extracts, and photographs of victims.
Lynching in America: Statistics, Information, Images
Statistics given include race, state, year and alleged offence. Essay written by Robert A. Gibson at Yale, entitled The Negro Holocaust.
The Lynching of L.Q. Ivy
Article telling the story of the burning to death, by mob, of a 17 year old black man accused of the rape and battery of a white woman in the Mississippi Delta, September 18th, 1925.
The Mary Turner Project
May 1918, South Georgia. The killing of a slave owner by one of his slaves sparked fury, culminating in the torture and killing of this lady and her unborn child for speaking out about her husband's death. Information about the other victims and the work of the project which includes trying to launch a searchable database of documented lynchings in the USA.
Minnesota Historical Society: Duluth Lynchings
On June 15th 1920, several young black men were arrested, charged with raping a white woman. Later three of them were killed by a mob. Background and historical documents covering the legal proceedings and incarcerations.
New Georgia Encyclopedia: Lynching
An article examining the state's part in the violence from the year 1882 till 1930. Discusses the victims, geographical distribution and some of the notorious cases.
Wikipedia: Emmett Till
14 year old black boy killed by two men after being accused of flirting with a white woman - the wife of one of the killers. An article covering his childhood, the incident that led to his murder, the funeral and reaction to his open casket, the trial and the effect the murder had on the civil rights movement.
Wikipedia: Lynching in the United States
Article covering the history and civil rights implications of this type of vigilantism. Includes pictures of hangings.
BBC: Indian Man Lynched Over Beef Rumours
An article about a man and his son in Dadri, India who were kicked and stoned by an angry mob following an announcement at a local temple that the family were storing and eating beef, the meat of the sacred cow. The man died and his son was seriously wounded. (September 30, 2015)
The Telegraph: Madagascar Lynching Victim Pleaded Innocence
An article about the beating and burning to death of a Frenchman, who, along with two others, was accused of the sexual abuse and murder of an eight year old local boy. (October 08, 2013)
Tampa Bay Times: Spectacle: The Lynching of Claude Neal
Article about a 23 year old black man mutilated and killed for the alleged rape and murder of a white woman. (October 11, 2011)
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