Activism "emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue" according to Merriam-Webster. This category is for sites related to local activist groups in Washington, DC.

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American Civil Liberties Union - National Capital Area ACLU-NCA
Non-profit, non-partisan organization devoted to ensuring free speech, equal rights, and other civil liberties. Features volunteer opportunities, events, membership information, recent legal actions and news.
Amnesty International 536 - Adams Morgan
Dedicated to freeing prisoners of conscience, fair trials for political prisoners, ending torture, political killings and disappearances, and abolishing the death penalty. Features membership information, events and action information.
Committee for the Capital City
Formed to preserve and protect the unique character and beauty of the nation's capital city while providing full democratic rights to its residents. Features case studies, proposed legislation, congressional testimony, membership information, news and events.
Community for Creative Non-Violence
Works to protect the rights of the homeless and poor, advocates on behalf of the underserved and prepares homeless men and woman to re-enter mainstream society. Features history, news and volunteer opportunities.
DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition - TENAC
Works to assist tenants through education, legal information, and lobbying for tenant legislation. Includes tenant's rights information, events, legislative action and volunteer information.
DC Vote
Educational and advocacy organization dedicated to securing full voting representation in Congress for District residents. Features articles, membership information, volunteer opportunities, events and supporters.
Occupy DC
Local autonomous hub of the international activist movement. Presents schedule of events, forum, preparation advice, general assembly notes, downloadable media.
Parents and Citizens Committee to Stop Medical Experimentation in D.C.
Working to prevent the District from adopting legislation requiring that girls be vaccinated with Gardisil. Includes position paper.
Repair Klingle Road
Opposes the Mayor's plan to close the road to the general public and turn it into a gated community neighborhood recreational trail. Features studies, news and opportunities for action.
Smokefree DC
Promotes smoke-free environments. Includes news, fact sheets, membership information and a listing of smoke-free restaurants.
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