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Provides the public and media with profiles of anti-consumer activist groups (all of which are tax-exempt nonprofits) along with information about the sources of their funding.
American Association of University Women - Public Policy
Works to empower women and girls, using lobbying and grassroots efforts to push forward policies that break through educational and economic barriers for women. Features position papers, action alerts, congressional voting records and tools for grassroots activists.
Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership
A nonprofit organization founded in 1995 to honor James and Grace Boggs' legacy as movement activists and theoreticians for rebuilding cities and communities.
Center for Community Change
CCC helps poor people develop their own strong organizations to improve their communities and change policies and institutions that affect their lives.
Connects the progressive activists in the Upper Midwest, informing and educating about the connections between all justice and peace issues and current events.
Citizens Equal Rights Alliance
Educational and legal advocacy organization presents its opposition to tribal sovereignty for Native American groups. Learn about positions and activities.
The Communitarian Network (TCN)
A George Washington University group which seeks to improve civil liberties by strengthening community and social institutions. Newsletter, platform, and communitarian links.
Non-partisan advocacy and engagement blog dedicated to building a knowledge base for professionals wishing to better engage their communities and manage issue advocacy efforts. From CQ Roll Call.
Direct Action and Research Training Center (DART)
The network of grassroots, metropolitan, congregation-based, community organizations in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Kentucky offers training for local groups as well as an intensive organizer's institute.
Community political action network offering a software package that integrates traditional direct-communications and grassroots techniques with online technology.
Lair of Hunterbear
Detailed discussion of 45 years of activist organizing -- historical and contemporary -- by Hunter Gray (Hunterbear). Areas covered include labor and socialism, civil rights, Native American rights.
League of Revolutionaries for a New America
Chicago-based activist group which seeks a more even distribution of wealth and greater social awareness among Americans.
National Coalition to Save Our Mall
Organization formed to protect the National Mall from threats to its integrity, beauty and historic symbolism. Includes news, analysis, action alerts and history.
National Organizers Alliance
Offers progressive organizing for social, economic and environmental justice. Provides news, membership and job bank.
Speak For Yourself
Resource for groups needing assistance with community organizing, lobbying/political action. Video and radio services in support of the above actions. Reasonable rates scaled to the financial ability of the group.
Federation of 23 state affiliates forming coalitions with regional and national allies to win progressive campaigns.
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