Society Activism Media Radio Pacifica WBAI, New York, New York
Sites concerning media activism with a strong focus on Pacifica station WBAI, it's relation to the Pacifica Network and local organizing issues around WBAI.

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Building Bridges Pulled of Air by U. Leid
U. Leid interrupts host Ken Nash and Rep. Major Owens discussing the bannings at WBAI, cancels the program, calls them liars and takes calls. (audio)
Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica New York
News of WBAI activism, anti-democratic practices by the Pacifica board, events at WBAI and attempts to shut the site down. This site is updated daily.
Declaration to the Court supporting the Listeners Lawsuit - WBAI
Notice to the court for WBAI listeners/supporters. One of the issues raised is the demand for removal of the illegally seated Pacifica directors.
Direct Action You can do to help save WBAI
Info by 'Concerned Friends of WBAI' about upcoming events, meetings, contacting people and ways to get involved in the fight for free speech radio.
Leid, Maddox and the Battle for Absolute Control of WBAI
Maddox and Leid speaking at gathering, demanding a boycott of WBAI since U. Leid wasn't made Program Manager. (audio)
New Jersey Concerned Friends of WBAI
The New Jersey section of the Concerned Friends of WBAI, to help prevent the corporate take over of WBAI radio and the Pacifica foundation board. (Yahoo! groups)
Race-baiting by Utrice Leid
Leid uses codes to refer to A. Goodman, A. Lewis and others, in her tirades against the "European-style white supremacy" at WBAI. (audio)
Rockland Friends of WBAI
Rockland County, NY WBAI listeners group organizing to save WBAI and push for greater accountability. (Yahoo! Groups)
The Union at WBAI
The situation at WBAI from the perspective of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America - Amalgamated Local 404.
Non-commercial station. Includes program schedule, news, profile and streaming audio.
WBAI Elections Discussion List
This is a list for discourse and information related to the democratization of the WBAI Local Advisory Board as well as the election process of other Pacifica stations. (Yahoo! groups)
Black Radical Congress Statement on the Crisis at WBAI
Demanding that the terminated staff be reinstated, that the "bannings" be lifted and that the concerns of the WBAI listeners be heeded. (February 26, 2001)
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