Game Over
Lawsuit Dropping Follows Holiday Shopping at eToys. By Claire Barliant [Village Voice].
The etoy Strikes Back
eToys is (not surprisingly) continuing to pursue its trademark on "ETOYS", which etoy (not surprisingly) feels endangers its right to continue using its name. [Slashdot] (January 26, 2001)
How the Etoy Campaign Was Won
Toywar I is over. After 81 days of heavy fighting, is back with a great victory parade. AGENT.nasdaq reports on the art of etoy and the campaign tactics. By Reinhold Grether [Telepolis]. (February 26, 2000)
A Tale of Two eToys
What happens when an e-commerce giant takes on a group of Swiss cyber-artists in court? Internet chaos. [Time]. (January 28, 2000)
eToys Drops Lawsuit Against Artist Group
eToys Inc., the Internet's leading toy retailer, agreed on Tuesday to drop its trademark-infringement lawsuit against etoy, a group of online conceptual artists in Europe. By Matthew Mirapaul. [New York Times] [Registration required.] (January 25, 2000)
eToys Inc. Drops etoy Suit - For Real This Time
Discussion about the end of the domain name struggle. [Slashdot]. (January 25, 2000)
Interview with etoy
By Geri Wittig [switch]. (January 20, 2000)
Art and Commerce Collide Online
How valuable is an "s" on the Internet? Two combatants, separated in cyberspace by that single letter, are about to find out. By Matthew Mirapaul. [New York Times] [Registration required.] (December 30, 1999)
Etoy: It's Not Over Yet
It's one thing to drop a lawsuit. It's another to "move away" from it. Which version the media heard depended on what time they were in touch with the eToys management. [Slashdot] (December 30, 1999)
eToys softens under grassroots pressure
Online toy mega-merchant eToys conceded that popular support for the Swiss art group etoy encouraged it to offer a settlement to an old domain-name contest. The company offered to withdraw its suit if etoy withdraws its counter suit. By Thomas C Greene [The Register]. (December 30, 1999)
eToys Drops Lawsuit Against eToy
Short note on eToys' offer to "back away" from legal claims [slashdot]. (December 29, 1999)
eToys Offers to Drop Suit Against Artists Group
eToys Inc., the Web's leading toy retailer, said on Wednesday that it had offered to drop its trademark-infringement lawsuit against etoy, a European group of online conceptual artists whose supporters have mounted a vigorous Internet-based campaign protesting the toy merchant's actions. By Matthew Mirapaul [New York Times]. (December 29, 1999)
CNN Misrepresenting etoy vs. etoys Battle?
Discussion regarding the CNN coverage of domain dispute. [Slashdot] (December 21, 1999)
ISP Blocked After eToys Protest
Access to was blocked until one of its subscribers agreed to remove a protest site directed against eToys. By Matt Mirapaul [New York Times]. (December 18, 1999)
California Court Blocks Artists Domain
News bulletin focussing on etoy as artists, based on Village Voice story. [Arts Wire]. (December 15, 1999)
The Toy War Escalates
etoy, ®TMark and the drop of eToys shares. By Felix Stalder [Telepolis] (December 13, 1999)
Is eToys paying in market cap for bullying etoy?
Report and discussion on the impact of etoy/eToys dispute on eToys' share value [Tasty Bits from the Technology Front]. (December 10, 1999)
eToys Lawsuit Is No Fun for Artist Group
Excellent article on the preliminary injunction against etoy and its aftermath. By Matt Mirapaul [New York Times, arts@large]. (December 09, 1999)
The Name Game
Column focusing on etoy/eToys conflict along with several other current domain-name news stories. By Angela Gunn [Seattle Weekly] (December 09, 1999)
The group formerly known as ETOY lost the first round of its battle with eToys. By Felix Stalder [Telepolis]. (December 06, 1999)
No EToy for Christmas
Coverage of the toywar, including a perspective on domain name dispute resolution. Very lively discussion. [slashdot] (December 03, 1999)
Sell eToys. Buy etoy.
Online retailer eToys sues art group etoy over domain name. Corporate profits and artistic freedom collide. By Richard Zach [h2so4]. (December 03, 1999)
E-Toy Story
In depth article on etoy's domain name fight with eToys, by Claire Barliant [Village Voice]. (November 30, 1999)
Toy Story
Article on the domain name dispute, by Mark Gimein []. (November 30, 1999)
Fences in Cyberspace
Recent events in the battle over domain names, with focus on etoy vs eToys, by Felix Stalder [Telepolis]. (November 17, 1999)
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