Angel Images By Lisa Marie
Featuring angelic pet portraits, guardian angel portraits, spirit quest paintings. Also limited edition signed prints for sale.
Animal Art By Vicky
Realistic acrylic animal paintings.
Art By
Whimsical, fun depictions which capture your pet's vibrant spirit and personality in an expressive style. Handpainted in acrylic on canvas or watercolor paper.
Ashby, Colin
British artist undertaking commissioned portraits of dogs, cats, horses, and people done from photographs in pastel or pencil.
Cat Art
Original watercolors and fine art prints by Drew Strouble.
Watercolour portraits of pets.
Faithful Friends Portraits
Lifelike portraits of pets and people in acrylic from photographs, by Artist Nicky Jones. Specialising in detailed paintings of dogs, horses, cats, people, and wildlife.
Helen Backhouse
Water colour portraits. Includes background, prices, and gallery.
Isabel Clark
Pet portraits and greeting cards from your own photos. Portraits in oils or watercolours.
M2 Custom Animal Portraits
Original oil on canvas portraits and paintings of pets, animals, dogs, cats, horses by Matthew Moffett.
McLean, Sally
Australian artist specializing in pet, animal and people portraits in pastel or oil. Includes testimonials, prices and portfolio.
Nall, Ann
Watercolor pet portraits and wildlife paintings.
The Painted Cat
Commissioned cat and dog portraits, original oil paintings and limited edition prints by animal artist Denise Laurent.
Commission an original painting of your pet by animal portraitist, Ellen Silverberg.
Paws & Paint
Offers fun, creative, and artistic custom dog paintings with various styles to choose from, including original custom dot portraits by Hiroko.
Pet on Demand
Canadian artist practicing in wildlife and domestic animal art offers her skills in painting people's beloved pets.
Pet Paintings by Carol Lieberman
New York artist offering realistic pet paintings in oil on canvas. Includes portfolio, testimonials and ordering instructions.
Pet Portraits
Portraits from your favorite photos resulting in a true likeness of your pet in a painting. UK-based. Worldwide delivery available.
Pet Portraits by Aimee
Uncommon paintings of your furry family member from your own snapshots.
Pet Portraits by Brenda
Hand paintings of your pet, in acrylics and on canvas from your photographs.
Pet Portraits by Joanne
Commissioned acrylic painting on canvas of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, ferrets, snakes and iguanas.
Pet Portraits by Lorri Collins
Dog and pet portrait paintings by Lorri Collins. Custom paintings are guaranteed.
Pop Art Pet
Dramatic works of modern art, from your pets photos.
Portraits by Teresa
Portfolio by Savannah artist Teresa Farley, specializing in portraits of people and animals in pastels or oils.
Roger Heaton Studio & Gallery
Animal, personal and equestrian portraits, and landscapes in oils, pastels and watercolours. Restoration services available.
Studio of Ken Bailey
Pet paintings and limited edition prints from Ken Bailey. Commissions available.
Warren Knapp Gallery
Whimsical pet portraits are acrylic on canvas.
Watercolor Portraits of Your Pets
Custom watercolor pet portraits by Ron Krajewski.
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