Impressionist paintings often include short, broken brush strokes of pure, untinted and unmixed colors to give an appearance of spontaneity and vibrancy. Surfaces of the paintings tend to be highly textured with thick paint and the compositions place emphasis on an overall effect verses detail. Well known impressionist Claude Monet performed a significant role in this 19th century art movement.

This category is for Individual Artist sites with a primary focus on the selling of Impressionist paintings. Galleries and multiple artists should suggest to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Painting/Galleries/.

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Alper, A.J.
Maryland based impressionist, specializing in plein air oil paintings.
Amoroso, Jack
The artist's gallery, containing complete biographical information, museum and gallery affiliations, and the artist's private collection of Acrylic on Canvas paintings.
Appe, Cheryl
Landscape painter in Vermont, whose work is informed by a range of artists from Corot to Morandi and the Impressionists.
Archibald, Mary Ann
Canadian artist offers original portraits, still life and plein air landscapes. Includes statement and curriculum vitae.
Arvin, Adrian Harrison
Realistic traditional paintings with themes of the Santa Fe area, western, southern, religious and portraits.
Azarin, Vitali
On-line catalog of Post Impressionism paintings by a Russian artist.
Bajor, Lois Heeney
Ghost Mountain Art Gallery - Featuring the art work of an electric impressionist.
Boswell, Jennifer
Offers original paintings by Santa Barbara contemporary impressionist. Includes artist biography and shows.
Bracken, Ursula
Oil and acrylic paintings in vibrant colors with rich strokes of colors that bring out the shadows and forms of subjects. Includes artist's statement, short biography and exhibitions.
Brown, Marlee
Impressionist artist of Mackinac Island, Michigan presents landscapes and abstracts. Includes current exhibition information.
Bégin , Guy
Canadian impressionist, is known as the painter of perfumes in USA, Japan and Canada.
Cadwallader, Kenneth
Figure, still-life, and landscape oil paintings, emphasizing color and light.
Casler, Loretta
Offers a variety of floral and landscape in watercolor and oil. Provides information on commissions, greeting cards and art lessons.
Christensen, Cheri
A well-known oil painter in the Russian impressionist tradition. Her paintings of farm animals are bathed in color and light, and completed with painterly brushstrokes and palette knife work.
Clemente, Debra
Offers a gallery of oil and pastel paintings by Kansas-based artist, featuring bold use of color, brush and palette knife. Includes biography and description of technique.
Contemporary impressionist oil paintings created from old photographs which depict a past era. Also portraits and inspirational art.
Delobre, Emile
KCM Galleries offers works from French Impressionist artist (1873-1956). Includes catalog and photographs of his works.
Escamilla, Alberto
Various collections including landscapes, Southwest, Zarzuela, still life, and portraits. Includes information on exhibitions.
Evans, Amy
Artist's gallery of still lifes and landscapes. Includes biography, exhibitions, and workshops.
Gatto, Paul A
Giclée prints and lithographs of figures, landscapes and still life by this New York artist. Includes resume and catalog.
Geen, Jeff
A collection paintings by an artist from North Carolina whose style has been described as mostly impressionistic with a hint of realism.
Gercken, Graham
Australian seascape and landscape paintings and giclee prints. Includes resume and information about commissions.
Hartman, Eric
Impressionist landscape paintings of a sight-impaired artist from New Orleans.
Henderson, Steve
Original oil paintings by an artist from Washington focusing on landscapes, seascapes, and figurative work in a style that fuses impressionism with realism.
Jaye, Lynn
Large, colorful acrylic paintings and limited edition prints of Tuscany, Provence and the Mediterranean in a neo-impressionistic, pointillist style.
Lasmanis, Ojars
Impressionistic landscapes, portraits, cityscapes and old master oil paintings.
Lohrere, Debra
Gallery of original oil paintings for sale by an Australian artist with subjects including buildings, portraits, animals and the outback.
Mahoney, Catherine A.
Mid-western Missouri River artist offering original watercolor, oil and multi-media fine art in an Impressionistic and plein-aire style.
McCrea, Derek
Landscape, lighthouse, barn and flower paintings in watercolor and oil. Also pen and ink drawings and limited edition prints.
Merrow-Smith, Julian
Landscapes, portraits and still-lifes in oils by this English painter who lives in Provence. Commissions, new work, current exhibitions, newsletter, biography, contact/purchase details.
Morrison, Frank L
Original paintings, prints and greeting cards by a Californian artist including portraits, still life and landscapes.
Mundy, Charles W.
Indiana impressionistic painter with en plein air subjects including Europe, Glouster, fishing boats, and other landscape scenes.
Mylius, Natasha
Original paintings and limited edition prints by a Russian artist currently living in Texas and working primarily with oil on canvas with a palette knife.
North, William
Limited edition fine art prints and original oil paintings of landscapes and still lifes by Florida artist.
Otomo, Ryu
Paintings, including japanese landscapes; mostly acrylic on canvas.
Perrett, Galen
Original oil or acrylic paintings and prints with subjects including landscapes, seascapes, still life and portraiture, by an artist from Texas.
Peterson, Wayne
Award-winning Professor of Art emeritus presents a gallery of landscapes, florals, abstract, religious and still life paintings. Acrylic and watercolor.
Raison, David
Representational oil paintings, including landscapes and portraits, from this British artist.
Rauam, Naima
Artist working in watercolor and oil, specializing in scenes of the Fulton Fish Market and New York City waterfront. Commissions and prints available.
Rumney, Pete
UK artist offering original acrylic and gouache watercolor on canvas. Includes catalog and information about commissions.
Ryan, Barbara
Virginia artist offering original landscape, seascape, and floral oil paintings.
Original watercolor paintings of landscapes, urban life, city scenes and coastal vistas by an Australian artist.
Shankoff, Donald
Contemporary impressionist landscape, still life and floral paintings or prints in oils or watercolors by an artist from New York.
Smith, Delilah
Resume and gallery of oil and watercolor paintings by a Midwest artist.
Spurgeon, Tad
Self-taught New England impressionist paints mainly landscapes and still lifes. Has images, biography, exhibition list, and detailed discussion of technique, with recommendations for reading.
Stern, Ned
Paintings of bridges, highways, churches, landscapes and still life.
Thompson, W. B.
American mixed-media impressionist specializing in landscape, floral, architectural, interior, figurative and allegorical subjects.
Tsarikovsky, Valery (Tsar)
Presents oil painting galleries including marina, four seasons, New York City and Europe.
Vaughn, Mary Susan
Original impressionist landscapes, seascapes, architecture, and portraits in oil and pastel.
Vezina, Maureen
Original paintings primarily of New England scenes in oil. Includes biographical summary and blog.
Vezzoni, Andrea
Original paintings by a UK based contemporary impressionist, palette knife artist. Includes statement and blog.
Walsom, John
Original paintings and prints of the built and natural environment by a British artist, celebrating the light and color in subjects from urban scenes to historic interiors.
Weber, Martha
Painter and print maker offers impressionist-style oil paintings that are the visual and mental compositions of reality. Artist's biography and exhibitions.
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