Contemporary art is thought by some to focuses on the conceptual verses the form (aesthetic), and has been used as an umbrella term to describe anything non-traditional. By definition, however, contemporary art is any art created in a particular time period and as such all art is contemporary to some degree. Art listed in this category can include works of any time period that do not fit a more specific genre or movement..

This category is for Individual Artist sites with a primary focus on the selling of Contemporary paintings. Galleries and multiple artists should suggest to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Painting/Galleries/.

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Alexander, David Haig
Exploring painting through the process of destruction and re-creation. Includes a selection of figurative paintings.
Alfera-Ferrand, Gilles
Paintings influenced by Christianity. Includes gallery and biography. In English, French and German.
Anderson, Annmarie
Watercolor, oil and pastel paintings include nature, still life and landscapes of the Florida Keys. Originals, Giclee prints and commissions.
Anyabolu, Nkolika
A collection of paintings by a Nigerian artist including abstract, landscape, wildlife, still life, seascape and portrait.
Arnold, Trilby
Arizona artist working in scratchboard, pastels, oils, acrylics, and watercolors with a focus on wildlife, and Native Americans.
Bergstrom, Edith
California artist displays paintings with a focus on palm trees. Includes close-up watercolor abstracts and whole trees on large linen canvas in oil. Information on awards and exhibitions.
Blatt, Gloria
Canadian artist offering landscape, cityscapes and abstract paintings or giclee prints characterized by vibrant colors and bold brush strokes.
Blaylock, Ted
Southwest, eagles, cabin scenes and wildlife paintings by Arizona based artist. Originals and prints available.
Blumenfeld, Rochelle
Dance paintings and Judaica art. Offers press releases and artist profile. Originals, lithographs and Giclee prints on canvas.
Boisvert, Rachel
Original acrylic or mixed media paintings by a Canadian artist focusing on flowers. [English and French]
Bradette, Francine
Gallery includes original abstracts, watercolor scenes and landscapes. Art prints available.
Brigman, Barbara
Fine art portraits in oil. Subjects include people, pets, homes. Also watercolor, charcoal, and pastel.
Brodeur, Paulette
Contemporary fine art. Mixed media, from the abstract to the whimsical.
Carter, Carol
Bold impressionistic watercolor and acrylic artworks of Missouri artist with many works featuring water, either literal or suggested. Includes artist’s statement and biography.
Catena, Sara
Australian artist, influenced by the early European fauvist movement, offers original paintings in acrylic, oil or watercolor.
Cavenaugh, Deborah
Based in North Carolina and offering original paintings and prints in a narrative style with familiar subjects of home and family. Includes information about commissions.
Chumroo, Angela Pari Dominic
Original paintings, prints and greeting cards in a variety of styles by an artist from Michigan.
Cochran, Sallie B
Based in Ohio and offering limited edition giclee prints of nature, people and landscapes. Includes biography and career highlights.
Coffey, Anthony
Original oil, watercolor and mixed media paintings, drawings, and illustrations by a New York artist. Includes resume and press reviews.
Conway, T J
On-line exhibition of original artworks and prints including figure paintings, dance art, nudes and pin up girls by a British artist.
Cracovaner, Marianne D.
The original artwork and biographical information of artist in Tucson, Arizona. Provides information on upcoming shows and classes.
Cratty, Chery
North Georgia artist creates "paper on paper" works using pulp painting techniques.
D'Augustine, Kevin
Original oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings, as well as pencil, charcaol, and pastel drawings.
Decator, Renee
Original paintings and prints by a Florida artist using bold colors with subjects including tropical landscapes and whimsical still life and faces.
Decent, Martin
British artist producing landscapes and abstract work. Includes galleries of paintings, signed prints and charity cards.
Deegan, Sharon
Based in London and offering original abstract, seascapes and floral paintings in acrylic on stretched box canvas.
DeForest, Roy
Very colorful paintings in acrylic and mixed media.
DeMarco, Betsy
Connecticut artist painting with acrylics and oils on a variety of media. Includes original art for sale and information about commissions, designs, and murals.
Durkin, Samuel
Original paintings by a British artist working in an abstract realism style including nudes, abstracts, landscapes, urban scenes and surreal.
Dutton, Robert
British artist offering acrylic and pastel landscape, cityscape and seascape paintings. Includes information about exhibitions.
Ebrahimi, Mike
Posters of original artwork in styles including post-modern, abstract, expressionism, surrealism, cubism, realism, and pop-art.
Emmett, Richard
British contemporary artist offers works influenced by the graphic artists of the 1930’d and the Art Deco or “Jazz Moderne” posters of the times. Includes biography. In English, French and German.
Fane, Margaret
Featuring the original paintings of an Australian artist working with both representational and abstract styles. Includes biography and shipping information.
Ganchukova, Ekaterina
Russian artist now residing in the UK and painting a wide range of subjects including seascapes, landscapes, cityscapes, floral and fantasy.
Gray, Philip
Information about the artist and limited edition works.
Grommet-Bangwa, Marianne
Galleries of paintings in gouache, oils, water-colours, pastels, and temepras featuring the female figure.
Guedez, Carmen
Based in North Carolina and offering original abstract, landscape, floral and impressionist paintings or prints.
Hansen, Joan
San Diego, California artist offers original paintings, limited edition giclees, posters, puzzles, and an art education book. Landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and florals are completed in oil, acrylic or watercolor.
Heise, Myron
Displays of recent work on the theme of Night Visions and New York Cityscapes.
Hinnant, Vandorn
A collection of Sacred Geometry and Ambient paintings. Offers originals, limited edition prints and note cards.
Hopkinson, Simon
British artist offering original paintings and photography in a variety of styles including symbolic and urban landscapes. Includes CV and exhibition schedule.
Hudson, Sharon
Figurative, still lifes, portraits, abstracts, and decorative pattern abstracts.
Jean, Val
A collection of original paintings and prints which are colorful and ripe with symbolism, by an artist from New Mexico.
Junker, Guy
Original artworks and prints by a Maui artist specializing in panel paintings which are a delicate balance of painting and sculpture.
Kaitz, Gustave
Always ahead of his time, capturing the soul through his art, Kaitz's work is one of awe and imagination, of philosophy and self-realization (1913-1992) Art Deco.
Kane, Sonia
Original oil and watercolor paintings of North Carolina scenes, flowers, her travels, and animals. Includes newsletter and gallery representation.
Karimi, Reza
Gallery of oils and watercolors featuring scenes from Iran. Originals and prints available. Includes artist's biography.
Karpinsky, Lena
Virtual gallery features abstract and primitive (or naive) style paintings by this Canada-based artist.
Khomoutova, Lena and Alexander
Paintings, prints and photographs by a Canadian couple, some of which are designed for meditation and spiritual improvement.
Koehler, Hanne Lore
Specializing in portraits, still life, architecture and sports art. Also includes information about the artist's picture books for children.
LaGasse, A. J. and Melelina
Modern original paintings include abstract and landscape in oil and acrylic on canvas. Includes biographies.
Lal, Srimati
Paintings, drawings and original writings by artist born in India.
Lawton, Jennifer
Ontario-based painter, photographer and teacher. Provides a biography, gallery and list of past exhibitions.
Lee, Astrid
Original acrylic paintings, prints and jewelry by a Dutch artist now living in the US and focusing on spiritual and healing subjects.
Lew, Doug
Watercolor and acrylics in a bold loose style.
Liddell, Rachel
Oil paintings, watercolours and life drawings by UK artist.
Ligal, Emanuela
Italian artist's contemporary art, figurative abstracts, acrylic on canvas.
Locascio, Peter
Featuring the original oil paintings of a primitive style artist from Chicago.
Luff, Sam
Offering original abstract and landscape oil paintings on canvas and wood.
Main, Jennifer
Las Vegas artist offering colorful, whimsical, figurative paintings and limited edition prints. Includes profile and press reviews.
Manning, Henry
Oregon artist offers original paintings and limited edition giclée prints including abstracted landscapes, seascapes and urban settings.
Marquez, Sharon
Featuring plein air, wildlife and landscape paintings by an artist from Utah, and information about painting excursions.
Marscheider, Regina
Virginia artist offering original paintings including landscapes, seascapes, still life, nature and portraits.
McShepard, Gwendolyn
Original paintings and prints by a California artist working in both representational and abstract styles, and best known for her street scenes and the Red Hat Collection.
Mihail, Filip
Surreal paintings, landscapes. and Eastern Orthodox icons in oil, watercolor, pastels and acrylics by a Romanian artist.
Moreschi, David
Based in New Jersey and focusing on landscape and figurative paintings. Includes resume and information about commissions.
Moyers, Rich
Based in Arizona and offering original paintings and limited edition prints characterized by bold colors and graphic images.
Mulvihill, R Louis
Original abstract and figurative paintings by an artist from Illinois. Includes information about his drawings, sketches and murals.
Pokorny, Robert
Based in Los Angeles and primarily painting in cel-vinyl and acrylic on wood panel. Includes on-line ordering of limited edition prints.
Ramsey, Jeremy
A comprehensive showcase of works painted by this Singapore based artist.
Regez, Hendrica
German artist now living in Illinois offers original acrylic paintings in a style which lies between abstract symbolism and hyper-surrealism.
Schor, David
Paintings include family and pet portraits, landscapes, seascapes, children, and travels. Originals and limited edition giclees.
Sethman, Elinor
Kaleidoscope paintings done in watercolor and mixed media.
Sheppard, Jo
British artist presents an eclectic collection of abstract or representational artwork inspired by texture, color and fossils.
Silberman, Janeice
Pennsylvania artist presents original oil paintings, prints and cards in realism, impressionist, and abstract modes with subjects including sporting, still life, landscapes and animals.
Stanway, Victoria
British artist presents surreal landscape and figurative paintings in a quirky illustrative style available as originals, prints or greeting cards.
Sterzenbach, Heinz
Surrealistic, figurative and realistic paintings in various mediums. Available in English or German.
Stubblefield, Noël
Watercolors, oils, mixed media and giclee prints depicting the simple beauty of natural forms.
Stutler, Gary
A visual diary of a contemporary intimist's creative past and present.
Swartzentruber, Don Michael
Contemporary American artist designs carnivalesque images that manifest from interests in theology, cultural issues, and the surreal.
Tyvoll, Blenda
Original paintings and prints by an artist from Oregon whose work is defined by shapes, harmonious color, and expressive line. Includes profile and blog.
Tögel, Conni
On-line store of a South Carolina artist best known for her sheep art which is described as a juxtaposition of serious and silly on canvas.
van Riper, Kimberly
Arizona artist with cubism, surrealism, abstract and realism influences. Includes galleries of paintings, sketches and note cards.
von Norden, Luzifer
Austrian artist focusing on northern mythology. Includes galleries of her paintings, drawings and photography.
Wagner, Jill Stefani
Original pastel and watercolor landscape, floral and architecture paintings. Prints of selected works also available. Artist's biography and exhibition list.
Webster, Mark A
Featuring abstract and realism paintings by an artist from California influenced by cubism and futurism.
Weiss, Larry
Artist offers small, medium and large paintings in a fairly realistic style in watercolor, but more recently, oils and acrylics.
Werntz, Sarah
Gallery combines abstract, realistic, impressionistic and folk art paintings.
Winkler, Dorianne Allister
Floral, whimsical, spiritual, comical and musical paintings, prints and greeting cards by an artist based in Hawaii.
Wolff, Dwayne
Offers the original contemporary artwork of Longmont, Colorado artist. Includes still life, landscapes and portraits in a watercolor and oil.
Yardley, Carollyne
Original paintings, prints and greeting cards by a Canadian artist who specializes in pop art, surrealism, illustrations and caricatures using acrylics and oils.
Zasloff, Lee
Artist displays colorful lily ponds, the koi who inhabit these ponds and the lush tropical florals which are part of the environment.Watercolors of European scenes also featured.
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