Abstractism is generally understood as a style that simplifies details or objects that were formerly concrete or in a natural state. It depicts objects through shapes and colors in a non-representative form.

This category is for Individual Artist sites with a primary focus on the selling of Abstract paintings. Galleries and multiple artists should suggest to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Painting/Galleries/.

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Arscott, Peter
Portfolio and profile of British painter who uses acrylic on canvas, paper or wood and also makes collages. Includes exhibition information.
Cope, Gregory Clive
Abstract painting from the west coast of Canada.
Cruickshank, Bill
Poster prints of original abstract art from New Zealand based artist.
Cutter, Kelly Anne
Self-taught Canadian artist working primarily with acrylic on canvas. Includes portfolio, testimonials and shipping information.
Eckels, Nancy
Colorful abstract paintings in acrylic on canvas or paper.
Ellman, Roger
Brilliantly colourful, original abstract paintings.
Garcia, Julia
Original fine art paintings done in mixed media on canvas with sculptural effects in a 3 dimensional format.
Howling, Frieda
Abstract shapes draw their strength from the firm basis in the natural forms of landscapes, Paintings, mono and linoprints, assemblages and mixed media, in sizes from moderate to very large displays.
McNulty, Shawn
Contemporary abstract paintings from a Minneapolis artist exploring oil, acrylic, mixed-media, and collage.
Moehr, Karen Rishay
Showcasing the artwork of an Arizona based artist focusing on abstracts and abstract landscapes.
Rassouli, Freydoon
Works in artist's own unique style called "Fusionart", an artistic concept inspired by mystical visions of universal unity. Includes biography and guestbook.
Renselar, Van
Limited edition abstract art prints and original paintings by a contemporary British artist. Includes resume and critique.
Shap, Susanna
Based in Pennsylvania and offering prints or original abstract paintings, textured and sculpted with a palette knife using oil and acrylic.
Sibert, Philippa
Multi-disciplined artist from Wales focusing on abstract paintings and drawings.
Snyder, J M
Original abstract oil paintings and whimsical sketches by an artist from New York. Features portfolio of previous work including drawings and pet portraits.
Original paintings by a British artist influenced by Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell and Trevor Bell. Includes profile and testimonials.
Taylor Rowe, Thomas
Original paintings in oil or acrylic by an artist from Iowa. Includes statement and background information.
Trace, Sally
Original large contemporary abstract paintings which sometimes incorporate representational elements, by a Pennsylvania artist.
West, Rakar
Mixed media abstract interpretations of landscapes based on a series of on-location drawings.
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