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Abstract Expressionism emphasizes form and color within a nonrepresentational framework and concentrates on the spontaneous act of painting. Notable artists of this movement include Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko.

This category is for Individual Artist sites with a primary focus on the selling of Abstract Expressionist paintings. Galleries and multiple artists should suggest to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Painting/Galleries/.

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Alemda, Armando
Neomodernist artist begins every picture with sketches of the human body, which serves as a basis for the abstract composition. Includes group and single exhibition information.
Aspinall, Amanda J
Biography and gallery of a self-taught abstract painter based in the UK and Spain.
Bradley, Brianna Dawn
Abstract expressionism, flowers, literature, and unusual 'brushes' all make their way into these intensely colored paintings.
Christeas, Gregory
Paintings, prints and wall sculptures by a Greek American artist. Includes biography and information about his creative process.
Gilboa, Dafna
Featuring original paintings and giclee prints. Works in watercolor, acrylics, oils, collages, mixed media, drawings and monoprints. Based in Los Angeles, California.
Gimbel, Sam
Abstracts, figurative paintings and drawings by American artist born in New York City, 1962.
Keck, Michel
Oil and acrylic paintings and mixed media works by "The Raw Artist".
Korol, Ludmila
Exhibit of artist who was born in the Ukraine and now lives in Dublin, Ireland painting in oil on canvas, modern figurative and abstract work.
Kryk, Gosia
Gallery of original oil paintings by an artist based in London. Includes resume and details of exhibitions.
Mammoser, Tina
Expressionist marine and seascape paintings, Scottish landscapes and figures.
Rizzo, Barbara A.
Abstract spiritual watercolor paintings.
Robertson, Brad
Expressionist artist inspired by objects and forms that go unnoticed or taken for granted.
Scaturro, Peter
Abstract expressionist works in watercolor by this San Francisco artist. Includes biography and artist's statement.
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