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Individual artists selling work in a variety of media are listed in this category. Artists working in only one medium, such as painting, are listed under that medium.

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Ayliffe, Janet
Painter and printmaker from Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Provides a list of current exhibitions, a gallery, and contact details.
Aylott, Peter
Original paintings, photographic prints, cards and digitally printed canvases created by Hampshire, UK contemporary artist.
Bean, Melissa (MC)
Produces hand painted house signs, illustration, people and pet ceramic portrait sculptures, and mosaic accessories.
Black, Lisa
Gallery includes watercolors, acrylics, monoprints, drawings and photographs. Includes news and awards.
Brown, Paula
Drawings in pen and ink and Prisma colored pencils with a Southwestern flare, also working in fabric basketry in the Hopi warp wrap tradition.
Buchanan, Kristine
Photo realist watercolorist, photographer and jewelry designer offering original artwork and instructional books.
Buckingham, Barbara
Framed art, black hand cut paper gates mounted on separate levels. Catalog of work available.
Buoscio, Christopher T.
The artist offers works depicting the urban landscape of Chicago at night. Oil on canvas paintings, drawings and prints from original works.
Cannizzaro, Louis
Offers a gallery as well as postcards, T-shirts, and books by this artist.
Chate, Malcolm
Abstract landscapes and figures in movement. Small sculptures are carved in wood, stone or bronze.
Cheshire, Christine
Galleries include botanical and landscape watercolor paintings. Provides a price list and contact information.
Chrasta, Anna
Factory Outlet: posters, matted prints, greeting cards, precut mats, picture frames, and art supplies.
Christl, Bryan
Scenic and nature photos and art with an emphasis on sunrises and sunsets. Also featuring e-cards, screensavers, wallpapers, and weekly photos.
Claiborne, Heath
Featuring original art work, limited edition giclee's of the Great Smoky Mountains and Tennessee sites.
Clapp, John A.
Offers a selection of paintings in oil and prints. Also portraits.
Clarkson, William
A showcase of graphic design and photocollage services.
Clyne, Thora -
Paintings of cats, landscapes, travel, gardens and interiors.
Cohen, Cari
Contemporary and abstract original paintings in acrylic or mixed media, plus a range of jewelry, by an Argentinian artist now residing in Florida.
Colin F.
Art from the primitive Caribbean artist, colorful images.
Collier, Grant
Nature and landscape photography by renowned artist Grant Collier. Purchase Images online.
Collings, Naomi
Original artwork by a British artist including pen and ink drawings, abstract and scenic paintings, photographs and personalized dog portraits.
Cooley, Gary
Fine paintings including animals, portraits, landscapes, and botanicals.
Cooper, Judith Ann
Works in pastel, graphite, giclee iris prints, and clay. The artist says the work reflects a deep reverence for nature.
Corke, Derek
Offers a list of upcoming exhibitions, ordering information, galleries, and news.
Curling, Peter
Biographical and exhibition details for this painter of sporting scenes. Sample portfolio including racehorse portraits, racing and hunting scenes, and Irish landscapes.
Dam, M. Nicole van
Artimagination - Colorful fine art, prints and collectibles.
Danny O
Online exhibition -Greatest Hits from Boston to the Berkshires
Davenport , Kendall
Fine Art Images, gallery and studio, beautiful landscape panoramas and other original limited and open edition paintings.
Davies, Bernice
Includes sculpture, painting, drawing and graphic design in a wide variety of mediums and techniques.
De La Nuez, Nelson
Gallery Juxtaposed - Features the works of artist Nelson De La Nuez.
deLeiris, Lucia
Works with watercolors, pastels and oils, to create print series of waterfronts, lighthouses, birds, seashells and landscapes of the east and west coasts and originals, prints and oils.
Dempsey, Bob
Master carver, experiments with a new medium, bronze.
Doncaster, Barbara W.
Original watercolor paintings, reproductions, prints and giclees.
Doss, David E.
Offers original art and limited edition reproductions, posters, and accessories by Doss.
Doyle, Nancy
Ancestor portraits from your family photos; and contemporary fine art.
du Faur, Colin
Painter - who specialises in watercolour and pen and wash paintings
DuBock, Marshall
Features original Nantucket art work by artist.
Duff, Robert
Online art gallery of limited edition prints, paintings, cranberry folk art, located in New Bedford, Mass.
Dysinger, Susan
Etching in aquatint and mono-type that represents a vivid portrait of American blues and jazz musicians.
Edgar, L.D.
Western Heritage Studio - Western artist recreates historical events in his prints, paintings and bronzes.
English, Michael
Features acrylic originals and reproduction prints from a self-taught Georgia artist
Fadum, Morten
Black and white images and poetry in a virtual book. Also, featuring samples of his drawings for sale.
Faridani, Lio
Gallery of works using acrylic, watercolor, collage and other new techniques.
Faulkner, B.J.
Whimsical and romantic oils, watercolors, and reproductions of Berkshire scenes, musical themes and European dreams.
Ferrara, James
Original artwork, paintings and photography.
Flanders, Peggy
Eclectic mix between the Old Masters and Impressionists. Primary mediums are oils, pastels, as well as pen and ink. Most noted for her works reflecting Native Americans and Portraits.
Flinsch, Peter
His men, his Women, and the world of his imagination. Male nudes. Pastel, ink, and pencil on paper.
Flynn, Patricia
Original watercolor paintings and limited edition Giclée fine art prints.
Francis, Donna
Original and prints are available in wildlife, birds and floral.
Freeman, Valerie
Paintings ranges from photo realism and frescoes to impressionism. Artist also offers giclee prints.
Frostic, Gwen
Works depicting nature available on a variety of merchandise. Includes artist information and a showroom camera.
Fry, Lina
Eight new works of nude collage, photos on French rag paper. Part of The Garden series.
Furman, Warren
Features prints of contemporary digital art and photography, electronic music, geometric copper and glass tables, and photo restoration.
Gagne, Jen
Mixed media monoprints, dangerous blade and wire insect sculptures and concrete fossils. Includes weblog and artist biography.
Galizia, Barbara
Provides paintings in oil and watercolour, painted stones, pencil drawing, and sculpture. In English and Italian.
Galyean, Thomas
Distinctive hand drawn visual imagery that evokes the imagination.
Garner, Nicki
Inspirational visionary paintings and other creations.
Garwood, Galen
American artist offering original paintings, collage, mixed-media and digital art primarily in the context of non-objective abstraction.
Gemelli, Adriano
Gallery of patented holospectural technique and paintings, sculptures, tiles, and murals.
Gillespie, Anna
Bristol based artist producing drawings and representational figurative sculpture using contemporary disposable materials and bronze.
Gissen, Linda
Fine art and articles of religious heritage
Gladson, Carson
Draftsman, painter and photographer, evokes a fantastical world for the viewer to explore.
Gofreed , David
Features graphic art, color and black and white illustrations.
Gollon, M.P.
Petroglyph paintings and rock art from Ireland and America. Irish Landscape pictures.
Grant, Noeline
Paintings and photography by New Zealand Artist.
Grasso, Jack
Prints from a New England artist.
Greenleaf, Richard
Richard W. Greenleaf is an impressionistic artist who paints historic and famous mid-atlantic areas, beaches, and Universities of the Big 10. His favorite is his alma mater Penn State. His style is very colorful and mostly impressionistic with hints of realism at focal points.
Grissom, Shannon
Offering original artwork, DVDs, CDs and various merchandise by a contemporary realist painter, television host and musician.
Guibert, Fernando
A gallery of drawings, etchings, sketches and paintings. Includes artist background and information.
Gurshin, Christopher
Folk artist, creates original paintings, murals, prints, and cards; designs small wooden houses.
Gylling, Gemma
Art in colored pencils, dog art and stained glass windows.
Hagan , Carol
Features western art, angels, wildlife, greeting cards, shirts, and Montana Christmas, winter and summer scenes
Hails, Barbara
Browse easily through the complete collection of her stunning work. Includes sizes, prices and ordering information.
Hamer, Marty and Judy
Fine art and limited print editions landscape and portrait photography from around the world.
Hansen, Ann-Charlott
Artist offers reprints of original artwork in an art gallery setting.
Hansen, Jamie
Watercolor artist will create a custom coat of arms or illustration. Original paintings, and custom family crests.
Hargrove, J. Michael
Hand-colored pen and ink drawings done with the old fashioned quill pen. Texas courthouses, botanicals, English, European.
Harms, R.V.
The contemporary fine art of artist R.V.Harms, whose paintings and philosophies are brought to you via is online studio.
Harrison, David Mackay
Bronze sculptor and painter from Australia.
Heller, Yaacov
Sculptor, jeweler, and silversmith. His creations celebrate the inspiration of the Bible, the beauty of nature, and the joys of living.
Helms, John
Landscape paintings and fine art prints.
Henson, Mark
Offers oil paintings and bronze sculptures by artist.
Herdlein, Robert
Colorful, expressionist, abstract paintings and assemblages.
Hewson, Marg
Isle of Man Artist. Silk paintings, oils, metal sculptures, prints and mixed media. Subjects are her favourite animal creatures and flowers
Hibel, Edna
American artist Edna Hibel's home page.
Hillberry, J. D.
Gallery of pencil and charcoal drawings. Themes include Western, still life, family, and trompe l'oeil.
Holdsworth, Anthony
A broad collection of artwork cityscapes landscapes.
Holston, Joseph
Features etchings, serigraphs, and paintings.
Houston, Pam and Cody
Western artists hailing from Montana, offer fine art sculpture and painting for sale.
Taiwanese artist offering representational and abstract paintings, books, handbags, music and video.
Hubbell, Melissa McCobb
Mixed Media, collage, miniatures and other quality work.
Hudson, Michael
This site offers illustrated and painted stills and scenes from old movies using traditional and digital techniques.
Huneck, Stephen
Painter and sculptor, known for his playful hand-carved furniture, sculpture and woodcut prints which frequently incorporate dogs and other animals.
Iapara, Valeriu
Modern (cubist) prints and paintings for purchase.
Sculpture, oil, acrylic, pigmentation on cork, fresco-tempera and limited edition prints.
Jaye, Marne
Virtual gallery and a listing of shows. Send free e-mail greeting cards from the website.
Joffe, Harriette
A Santa Fe artist whose paintings, drawings, and carvings are dedicated to the constant discovery of nature. The transference of energy and primitive rhythms to all living things.
Johnson, Tessa
Jackson Hole Artist: Impressionist landscapes, western oils, watercolors, pastels, etchings, monotypes and small sculptures.
Jones, Leona
Based in Kentucky and offering oil or watercolor paintings and limited edition prints in a realism style, and handmade jewelry.
Jones, Micheal
Artist from Oklahoma offering original watercolors, oils, acrylics, etchings, mezzotints and lino-cuts.
JPJ Galleries
Features oil paintings and colored pencil sketches. Includes conservation information.
Kastulin, Alexander
Gallery of ceramics and graphics, with a biography and awards and exhibition history.
Kaufman, Charles
Original oil and acrylic paintings, as well as prints are available from German artist and illustrator.
Kenney, Brenda L.B.
Display of oil and acrylic paintings. May be custom ordered, or browse the paintings on display for purchase in the online gallery.
Kianush, Katy
Art Arena Gallery provides a comprehensive and varied collection of original Landscapes, Portraits, and Miniatures, by the award winning artist.
Kimball, Joel
Country and Victorian women in illustrations.
King, Ellen
Fine art customized to color scheme.
Kinkade, Thomas
Collections of current and rare paintings by the 'Painter of Light'.
Klotter, Sandy
Hand signed prints from original paintings.
Kostura, John
Ceramic bowls, fragrance burners, and sculptures, and sketches. Images with comments and biography.
Koval, Dominic
Paintings, sculpture and unique jewelry by Vermont artist, emphasizing natural themes and Vermont landscapes.
Kravcev, Michael Misha
Current art by contemporary artist.
Kresman, Jacquelynn
Decorative and figurative art available in art prints, poster prints, lithographs and greeting cards.
Kujundzic, Claire and Horne, Bill
Flying women, art magnets and hand-pulled prints are featured in this gallery in a former church.
LaBillois, Edsel
Intense in color and composition, combining memory and imagination.
Whales, dolphins, and other sealife and seascapes are painted with a scriptual message. Paintings and murals by Christian artist.
Landers, Jeri
Specializes in folk art style lithographic prints, greeting cards, and watercolor scherenschnitte. Includes show schedule, biography, and licensing information.
LeDoux, Sylvia
Depictions of gardens, Rio, and underwater scenes.
Leigh, Belinda
Giclee prints and reproductions of Hawaii landscape, nature and wildlife scenes.
Leonova, Natalia
Miniature painter from Fedoskino. Featuring miniature lacqer boxes with landscapes, portraits, and horses.
Levenson, Simon
A conduit between the individual artist and the art enthusiast, collector, critic and student.
Liu, Lena
Features canvas and paper print paintings, collectible plates and figurines, and accent pillows.
Lyles, Kelly
Painter and art-car artist. An overview of her visual art and design work, as well as art-car links.
Mackiewicz, Piotr
Bronze sculpture and oil paintings.
Mahnic, John
Hockey art
Malkoff, Stephen
Illustrates historic trees of America by the official artist of the National Historic Tree Project. Prints for sale.
Marathon, Gary
Virtual gallery of oil paintings and limited edition prints produced by Marathon. Includes landscapes, still lifes, and florals.
Margaretten, Nicole Sara
Collection of contemporary originals and prints. Drawings and paintings.
Marsh, Fred
Art gallery of fine Australian paintings, features landscapes of Australia, France and Scotland, also portraits and figures.
Marx, R.
Surreal psychedelic drawings, illustrations. Watercolor, pen and ink.
Mason, Marie
Acrylic on canvas paintings and line drawings focus on the figure and on dog and cat illustrations.
Matherly, Michael R.
Original paintings and print reproductions of wildlife, western art, portraits, and African-American art.
Maurice, Fitz
An International, 21st Century Artist located in Laguna Beach, California.
Max, Peter
Online shopping for art with searches by subject, product type, or name. Lithographs, posters, and t-shirts.
Maynard, Kate - Scottie Art Gallery
Limited edition art prints featuring Scottish Terriers.
McCormick, Connie and Mack
Specialize in pencil portraits on commission and sell prints of our angels, wildlife and landscape drawings!
McGrath, Bonnie
Galleries of "expressive realism" wayercolors paintings and photography of Walden Pond and historical Concord, MA.
McIntyre, Corinne
Maine plein-air painter focuses her paintings on the coastal landscape. Ocean Point Studio.
McKim, Jim
Photography, paintings, and art for interior design.
McLean, Richard
Original artwork by Australian artist. Pencil, pastel and charcoal work on paper, paintings, short stories, and artist information.
McMillan, Paul
Original paintings and giclee prints in a variety of styles and subject manner.
McQuade, Graham
Paintings and sculpture by a British artist influenced by the changing shoreline around the Mersey and Ribble estuaries.
Mihanovic, Zvonimir
Contemporary Realism, of Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.
Milman, Barbara
Images and information on Barbara Milman, a printmaker, mixed media artist and author of a book of prints about the Holocaust.
Miot, Sandi
Visual artist working in glass fusing and paintings of watercolor, acrylic, pastel, collage, and mixed media
Mitchell, Jerry
Works of art in various media to appreciate and purchase.
Morris, Jelene
Specializing in Pop art. Genres are fun, childlike, spontaneous, and cartoony.
Morris, William E.
Oils, acrylics and limited edition giclees of Canadian and American street scenes, landscapes and still life subjects.
Moskowitz, Stewart
Whimsical paintings, posters, prints, and merchandise.
Moss, Nichola
Artist living on Maui, Hawaii who paints whimsical and imaginative art.
Moulton ,Barry
Original fantasy art using an encaustic process. (United Kingdom)
Murray, Elizabeth
Based on the work of the author, photographer, garden designer, painter, lecturer, and Monet's garden expert.
Neubig, Henry
Uses pigment mined from the soil. Located in Baton Rouge, paintings depict magnolias, plantations, Nottoway, Oak Alley, Egrets, and Herons.
Ogg, Stuart
Flower and landscape photographs and paintings of the River Thames area near Oxford England.
The Oiseaux Sisters
Artwork of the Oiseaux Sisters, Susan Andrews and Carolyn Fellman. It features one of a kind mixed media art work.
Olsen, Barbara
Collages and prints for sale by American artist.
Olson, George
Architect and Old World pen and ink artist.
Orsillo, Bob
Offers limited and open editions works. Information about the artist, image galleries of works, press releases.
Owens, Nate
Humorous western art, paintings, prints, greeting cards, mugs and gift products. Commercial illustration and design.
Palanuk, Lee
Artist born and raised in the Portland, Oregon area. She uses a variety of different mediums and subjects.
Parrish, Bradley J.
Official artist web site, includes a selection of works, including the Parrish Collections.
Penner, D. H.
Oil portraits and commissions of people, pets, places, and replicas of masters. Originals, prints and art cards.
Perdue, Don and Justin
Mixed media paintings, sculpture in wood, bronze, stone, and castings, in the modernist tradition.
Plum, Kristine
Watercolor paintings of landscapes, floral and equine subjects.
Poe, Steven
Sells fine art prints and stock photography of Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Alaska, New York, Joshua Tree, California, cultural dance and digital illustrations.
Pogatetz, Robert
Colorful expressionistic paintings in oil, emphasis on thick strokes and rich colors. Featuring celebrity portraits, urban cityscapes, and various images.
Ponting, Dianna
This Canadian artist displays a selection of representational works in pastel, acrylic, ink and watercolour .
Postel, B. F.
Landscape oil paintings, impressionist paintings, pastel paintings and tree paintings.
Powell, Linda
Works in watercolor, pastel, acrylic, ceramic, and bronze.
Powell, Maralyne and Tracy
Online gallery featuring carved stone sculptures and photos.
Pozdnyakova, Zena
Paintings and Judaica olive wood works.
Presseisen, Wendy
Fanciful felines, wild beasties and charming country scenes.
Qing, Shi
Oriental fine art at bargain price.
Rae, Nan
Internationally exhibited Chinese brush painter offers prints, art books and supplies and greeting cards. Includes art lesson information.
Reeve, Sherri
Homepage of Maui, Hawaii artist. Reproductions of original works.
Reeve, Simon
Modern abstract paintings.
Color pencil landscape drawings of the desert and the brilliance of tropical flowers and birds.
Riccio, Catherine
Original watercolors available for sale.
Richardson, Blake
Unicorns, fairies, animals and goddesses surface in photographs of rocks and trees. Also, garden and earthen sculpture by the Canadian artist.
Richman, Sylvia
Features handpainted glasses and vases, mixed media watercolor paintings, and handmade paper sculptures.
Riestra, Pablo
Contemporary drawings, paintings, and photography.
Riley, Rebecca
Contemporary New York abstract expressionist working in oils and other media on canvas and paper.
Rindlaub, John
Offers sunset silhouette woodcut prints.
Robb, Anne Bell
Features a variety of gift items and prints. Works by commission available.
Roche, Elena
Offers limited edition, signed and numbered prints of her floral watercolors, still life, and classic portraits. She takes portrait and architectural commissions in pastel, colored pencil, graphite, and charcoal.
Ronaldson, Wendy
Offers original watercolour and acrylics paintings and botanical photography. Includes a list of exhibitions.
Roper, Stuart
Artist/sculptor, featuring landscape, figure, and still life paintings as well as garden sculpture, urns, and benches.
Roth, Big Daddy
Introduction to the hot rod-themed artist with images, memorial, frequently asked questions, video archive, merchandise, and links.
Roucka, Pavel
Image gallery and curriculum vitae of Czech artist.
Sabo, Carol
Originals and prints of watercolor miniatures, greeting cards, Christmas cards, and personalized calligraphy.
Sanderson, Mary Rose
Canadian watercolor and batik artist. She has produced many limited edition prints. She also does special commissions.
Sandy, Sandy
Limited edition prints and original watercolors of North American wildlife, southern New Jersey landmarks, lighthouses and horses. Also specializing in pet portraits and graphic design.
Saunders, Lynne
Painting and sculpture by Canadian artist. It includes a page for figurative sculpture in fired clay and bronze, an oil painting and watercolor page.
Schaefer, Susan
Canadian artist, photographer and graphics designer. Includes on-line shopping of original paintings, prints and cards.
Schick, Cyndi
Specializes in original oil paintings and hand-painted, black and white photography. Includes exhibition listing and brief biography.
Scholder, Fritz
Paintings, books, biography and schedule.
Schoneberg, S.C.
Offering landscapes, portraits, paintings, and drawings.
Seibt, C.P.
Paintings, sculptures, objects, installations, web-installations, and art projects.
Selder, Shawn R.
Tornado drawings created by an American artist.
Sheley, Sharon
Specializes in painting Celtic knots and roses, people and animals.
Shorey, Svetlana
Connecticut artist offers contemporary paintings, murals, and decorative art. Originals, prints and custom work available.
Short, Margret E
17th Century Dutch still life and floral style painting using the chiaroscuro technique.
Original pastel paintings, limited edition prints and open edition prints by realist artist.
Sillner, Manfred
German artist displays surrealistic oil paintings and limited editions of graphic works.
Simpson, Big
Working with charcoal, pastels, oils, and photographs.
Simpson, Sheila
Paintings created in watercolor and egg tempera, drawings and art cards. Subjects include wild birds, abstract, still life, flowers and landscapes.
Smith, Mary G.
Offers oil and acrylic paintings of children, dogs, cats, still life and landscapes. Also includes limited/open edition prints and posters.
Snyder, Teresa A.
Specializes in realistic style drawings, paintings, portraits, and prints. Also offers illustration, graphic design, flash and web design, and work on commission.
Snyder, Wayne and Teresa
Prints and originals in landscapes, western, figurative, aviation, and portraiture.
Sobek, R.P.
Illustrator and graphic artist displays realistic pencil, and contemporary watercolors/airbrush works.
Spielman, Gavin
Expressionistic oil paintings of landscapes, still lifes and portraits.
Steele, Sara
Watercolor paintings, plus prints and calendars by a contemporary feminist artist, including an on-line gallery and information about exhibits, workshop schedule, and special projects.
Stein, Gerry
Originals and prints. Prints are hand painted on the mat to give a 3-D effect when framed.
Stevens, Janis
Offers oil, pastels, and charcoal paintings of animals, flowers, and sunsets.
Stoeckley, John
Limited edition pen and ink drawings of historical, architectural and nostalgic sites and other subjects from his Reflections of Missouri gallery.
Suchiu, Ron
Celebrity, transportation and heritage art.
Sundy, Jonathan
Gallery of vibrant oils, pastels and drawings for sale.
Swimm, Tom
Paintings look almost photographic, but that are distinctly impressionistic.
Tapogna, Mary
Mixed media mosaics and fine art photography. Furniture as well as one-of-a-kind giftable works.
Targer, Jill
Specializing in watercolor paintings and wearable silk scarves.
Tarler, Yury
Portfolio of art works: architectural designs, sculpture, painting, graphic and craft designs.
TerBush, Dale
Dramatic scenery and landscapes. Originals, lithographs, posters, calendars and giclees on canvas.
Thorpe, Mackenzie
Offering a gallery of paintings, sculpture, and limited edition prints. Artist's biography.
Tibstra, Jerrold W.
Offers original paintings and drawings including pinups, sports figures, and portraiture by the team artist for the National Hockey League's Chicago Blackhawks. Also does work on commission.
Timakova, Elena
The gallery for sale of modern Moscow painter Elena Timakova. Many people testify her landscapes (made up in style of 'Russian' impressionism) to have a curative influence on psyche.
Tod, Milen
Abstracts, cityscapes, landscapes, and figural paintings, and giclée.
Tolliver, Karren
Fine art photography, abstract, monochrome, hand-colored, Polaroid transfer, and masked and toned prints. Karren is available for portraiture and commission projects.
Toth, Robert
Offers a virtual gallery of his original designs for sale of fine art paintings, sculptures, and transportation art.
Trial, Sherri A.
Fine art, calligraphy and illustration.
Trimmer, Lyle
Specializing in highly detailed drawings of Biblical themes.
Tropical Silks
Offers original handpainted silk wall hangings, pictures, pillows with tropical themes.
Turner, Neal
Offers paintings, drawings, and photography.
Turner, Richard
Abstract, surrealist, original paintings - contemporary modern artworks.
Ulrich, Marc
Independent painter and illustrator. Includes galleries, pricing information, and contact details.
Features abstract art and landscapes in oils, acrylics and mixed media on canvas and paper.
Van Meer
Traditional watercolors, oils and gouche paintings. Specialized in maritime art. Nova Scotia site.
VanBuskirk, Jim
Features works in metal sculpture, stained glass, watercolor painting, and airbrush. Includes artist information.
Vaughan Art
Beautiful gesso panels inspired by the work of Margaret Macdonald Macintosh. Features prints and frames, greetings cards and panels.
Vaughan, Kathleen
Visual artist and teacher, presents her online portfolio.
Venosa, Robert
Fantastic Realism artist displays paintings, scultptures, CD covers and film design. Offers biographical and artistic information.
Vettriano, Jack
Deco style art prints, posters and limited editions from Vettriano-Art, Scotland.
Vigliotti, Michael J.
Features the work of this watercolor and drawing artist available as greeting cards, note cards and prints.
Walter, Patricia
Original art and poetry. Watercolors and pastels of animals, nature and flowers. Each painting is described by an original poem.
Watson, Beth
Figurative and architectural cast sculptures and paintings in the landscape, floral and figurative genre.
Weilbacher, Susan S.
Paintings in the classical academic style, including oils, watercolor, ink, and oclored pencils. Prints and notecards are available for purchase.
White, Joan
Specialty wood painting of northern Wisconsin wildlife and woodland scenery. She utilizes oils, pastels and watercolors to bring old pieces of hardwood to life.
Williams, Robert
Artist offering California impressionist paintings.
Willits, Laura
Creates images of night landcapes. She weaves her nightscapes using tiny glass beads in hundreds of colors.
Willow, Arlenea
Paintings and prints illustrating transformational themes that incorporate archetypal imagery, ethnic design, and geometric patterning.
Wood, Beatrice
Studio contains permanent collections of the artist's work as well as a gallery of fine pottery, original drawings and lithographs.
Wright, Chris
Self-professed "Nerdies Artist". Offers a gallery, photo gallery of his studio, and interview.
Wright, Peter
Offers modern figurative art and large-scale ceramics. Includes galleries, an interview, and contact details.
Xie, Shelley
Offers acrylic painting, pressed flower and digital art.

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