Manufacturers and Retailers of rowing equipment

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Adirondack Rowing
Retailer of rowing shells and boats. USA delivery. Also, offer rowing instruction, tours and rentals.
Alden Rowing Shells
Manufacturer of recreational, traditional, and competitive rowing shells, oars, rowing gear and accessories. Includes a dealer locator and a catalog request form.
Carl Douglas Racing Shells
Designers and builders of racing shells and equipment. Includes product details and international contacts.
Composite Engineering Inc.
Designer and retailer of Van Dusen racing boats.
Croker Oars Pty. Ltd.
Australian manufacturer and retailer of rowing, sculling, recreational, and surf oars.
Durham Boat Company, Inc
New Hampshire manufacturer and retailer of carbon fiber rowing equipment and accessories, provides sculling instruction.
Elite Rowing Inc.
Importer of Filippi racing shells and accessories, retailer for American and Canadian consumers. Includes product information, order form, race results, and classifieds for used equipment.
Empacher Racing Shells
Manufacturer and retailer of recreational and racing shells and oars.
Janousek / Stampfli Racing Boats
Manufacturers and retailers of racing shells.
Kaschper Racing Shells
Manufacturer and retailer of racing shells.
Macarbi Racing Shells and Kayaks
Sales of new and reconditioned equipment. Includes product, construction, and contact information.
Peinert Boat Works
Builders and retailers of racing single sculls and open water rowing boats.
Pocock Racing Shells
Builder of high performance racing, training, and recreational shells and products supporting the sport of rowing.
Designs and manufactures carbon fiber and composite racing shells. Includes product images and specifications, list of options, and an order form.
Resolute Racing Shells
Manufacturer and retailer of custom racing shells.
Rossiter Boats
Builders and retailers of classic traditional rowing craft. A range of rowboat, skiff, and pulling boat models available.
Makers of racing shells. Includes rowing news and articles. Located in New Haven, Connecticut.
Manufacturer of recreational rowing boats and ocean rowing shells. Easily transported, ideal for daily exercise or family fun. Double and single models. UK, Wales, USA, and Canada prices listed. Worldwide shipping.
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