Sites offering a wide range of performance enhancement products, for more than one make, model, or type of car.

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4x4 Tuff
Offers parts and accessories including engines, rails and chassis.
Advanced Flow Engineering
Manufacturer of high flow and efficiency air filters and intake systems for the automotive industry. Includes FAQs and technical data.
AEM Induction Systems
Manufacturer of performance cold air intakes for the automotive aftermarket. Includes product catalog and product sales.
AET Turbos Motorsport
Supplier of turbocharger, blow off valves and related accessories for the motorsport industry.
AFCO Performance Group
Shocks for racing and street rods. Technical information online including calculators.
Offers air intake systems, spacers, tubes and filters. Includes product overview and company profile.
Amber Performance
Offers car parts and accessories for tuning. Includes product catalog and company profile.
Auto Specialties Performance Inc.
Manufacturer of pulleys for turbochargers. Includes technical instructions and company profile.
Aftermarket performance parts and exterior aero parts for sport compact cars. Includes product catalog, technical articles and customer reviews.
BHP Plus
Offers tuning systems and intake filters for diesel engines. Includes product overview and company profile.
Offers gauges, valves, pipes, spark plug wires and intercooler assemblies.
Car Shop
Offers parts and accessories for racing, street rod and other specialized applications from major manufacturers.
Carbon Mods
Manufacturers and retailers of carbon fibre styling and tuning components for motorsport and modified cars.
Century Performance Center
Offers automotive products and accessories. Includes product catalogue, bulletin board and technical articles.
Competition Products
Offers parts and accessories for engine builders and car enthusiasts. Includes product overview and company profile.
Custom Cars Central
Offers a wide range of performance parts. Includes interactive catalog to find vehicle specific applications.
Dan's Performance Parts
High Performance parts for your Sand Car, Buggy, Performance Boat, ATV and PWC.
Manufacturer of water alcohol injection parts for turbo engines. Includes technical data and forum.
Offers diesel performance parts. Also includes a photo gallery.
DTUK Diesel Tuning UK
Supplier of plug and play digital diesel tuning boxes. Includes technical reviews, FAQs and forums.
Edo Performance
Retailer of performance parts and related instrumentation. Includes product catalog.
Offers tuning modules for diesel engines, exhaust systems and related accessories. Includes product catalogue.
ERZ Performance
Dealer of tuning and specialized products for dragsters, cars and trucks. Includes product catalog sorted by car.
Forced Performance
Offers custom turbochargers for racing applications. Includes product overview and company profile.
Forge Motorsport
Offers alloy tuning components for chassis and engines. Includes dealer list and product catalogue.
GlowShift Gauges
Offers racing gauges in several color and tinted. Includes product catalog.
Go Fast Bits
Manufacturer of aftermarket parts for supercharged engines. Includes product catalog and company profile.
Green Filter
Manufacturer and supplier of cotton air filters for racing applications. Includes product catalogue and company profile.
Guaranteed Auto Parts
Offers diesel performance parts and kits. Includes product catalog.
Hawkins Speed Shop
Retailer of performance racing parts and related accessories. Includes product catalog.
HKS Performance Products
Offers engine, suspension and drivetrain components. Includes company profile and product catalogue.
Offers tuning modules, chips, pulleys and related equipment for most vehicles.
Injected Performance
Retailer of aftermarket parts for import and U.S. domestic sports cars. Includes part search and discussion blog.
Italian Tuning
Offers a variety of parts and equipment for street and racing applications. Includes product catalog. [English, Italian]
Jet Performance Products
Offers fuel and electronic systems, power chips and transmissions. Includes product catalogue.
Retailer of performance car parts and accessories. Includes product catalog.
Juiced Hybrid
Source for hybrid performance car parts and accessories, with a green focus.
Lethal Performance
Offers aftermarket parts and accessories for muscle cars. Includes product overview and company profile.
LG Motorsports
Offers tuning equipment, suspension components and cold air induction systems. Includes technical tips and product catalog.
Designs and sells performance automotive and marine engines and components. Includes product catalogue.
Lone Star Performance
Offers a wide range of performance products. Includes catalogue and company profile.
Longacre Racing Products
Manufacturer of racing related products. Includes product catalogue and company profile.
Mach 1 Performance
Offers parts, accessories and kits for customized and performance vehicles. Includes product catalog.
Magnecor Race Wires
Manufacturer of spark plug wires, ignition cables and ignition leads for street and race applications. Includes technical information.
Offers fuel injection parts and equipment for racing and aftermarket applications. Includes product catalog and company profile.
Manufacturer of oil pumps, kits and components. Includes product catalogue, technical information and tips.
Modern Automotive Performance
Offers performance products for several modern platforms with a focus on forced induction. Includes product catalog, detailed product information and company profile.
Moroso Products
Manufacturer and supplier of automotive equipment for racing and street applications.
MRT Direct
Specializing in aftermarket performance parts, exhuast, suspension and appearance accessories. Includes product overview.
Need For Speed
Offers a range of aftermarket performance car parts. Includes product catalogue.
New Level Motorsports
Retailer of performance parts and accessories. Includes product catalog.
NFC Performance
Offers parts and accessories including tuning kits and wheels.
Nippon Power
Offers performance accessories for the sport compact market. Includes product catalogue.
Nitrous Direct
Offers a line of nitrous oxide kits, supplies and parts. Includes detailed technical information and a FAQ.
Nology Engineering
Manufacturer of ignition systems and related components for street and emission sensitive applications. Includes product catalogue.
OnTrack Digital
Offers vehicle performance testing tools and software. Includes technical data and product overview.
Ontronic Engine Management Systems
Manufacturer of programmable electronic engine management systems for racing applications. Includes specifications, manuals and software. [English, German, French]
Outlaw Performance
Manufacturer of chassis and fiberglass bodies, street rod accessories, parts, bodies suspension components, and gas tanks.
Outperformance Shop
Offers parts and accessories for a wide range of vehicles. Featuring popular manufacturers in the automotive performance industry.
Overseas Auto
Performance parts and accessories for import and domestic sports cars, trucks, SUV's. Warehouses in both the U.S. and Canada.
Overspeed Motorsports
Offers a variety of components and accessories for street and racing applications. Includes product catalog and company profile.
Pace Performance Parts
Offers factory crate engines, transmissions, performance products and books. Includes technical specifications and product catalogue.
Panhandle Performance
Offers machining and dynamometer services, as well as parts and accessories. Includes product catalog and company profile.
Pankl Racing Systems
Manufacturer of engine components and drivetrain systems. Materials used are aluminium, titanium, MMC and carbon composite as well as magnesium and ultra high strength steel.
Paragon Performance
High performance automotive stainless steel braided hose, aluminum adapters and fittings plus hose assemblies lined with Teflon. Technical information and prices online.
Performance Centre
Retailer of performance products. Includes company profile and product catalogue.
Performance Curve
Reseller of car parts and accessories. Includes product catalog and company profile.
Performance Suspension Technology
High technology suspension components and replacement parts.
Performance Tuning
Performance and aftermarket auto parts.
Supplier of performance automotive parts for foreign and domestic cars. Includes part search by keyword, catalogue and company profile.
Manufacturer of automotive oil coolers, electric and mechanical cooling fans and components, fan clutches, oil and fuel filtering systems, oil filter adapters, and remote filter brackets.
Phethean Racing Products
Specializes in speed equipment. Includes product catalog and company profile.
PowerMist Racing Fuels
Manufacturer of racing fuels, methanols, lubricants, and performance additives.
Porsche heavy duty turbo sump pumps, crankshaft double pulleys for street or track use and aluminum clutch conversion packages. High performance engines, transmissions, brakes and suspension. Roll bars and cages.
Precision Industries
Manufactures high performance torque converters and supplies transmission components for Ford, GM, Dodge and Import vehicles. Technical information is provided online.
Pro Civic
Offering aftermarket performance parts and body kits for the Honda Civic. Also features related news and articles.
Pro-Gram Engineering Corp
Manufacturer of race engine speciality parts. Steel billet main caps, main cap support straps and stud kits. Rear main oil seals, and carburetor spacers.
Pro-Max Performance
Specialists in exhaust, from stock replacement to total performance for imports, domestic, RVs and race cars. Also radiators and brakes. Technical data and photos online for many manufacturers represented.
Builds and modifies carburetors. Also conversion to alcohol. NASCAR approved race carburetors plus circle, track, drag and street. Fuel pumps, regulators and logs.
Prosport Performance
Offers gauges and related tuning accessories. Includes product catalog.
Race Car Supply
Provides products, services, and information on Formula Vee and Pro Formula Vee racing. Includes contact information and related links.
Racing Performance Works
Australian company specialising in the production of high performance Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Chrysler motors to suit street, drag, four wheel driving and rallying.
RAM Clutches
Manufacturer of performance clutch systems. Flywheels, pressure plates and clutch disks.
RaZor Performance Products
Manufacturer of dry sump oiling systems.
Rebco Performance Products
Specializing in electronic wheel scale systems, dashboard instrumentation, chassis setup, and pit equipment. Includes tech tips and classifieds.
Road Race Engineering
Performance automotive aftermarket services and accessories. Complete fabrication services for roadracing, autocross, pro rally and high performance street applications. Specialists in Mazda 323 and Mitsubishi.
Ross Machine Racing
Offers engine air intake and fuel delivery systems. Includes product catalog, gallery and project overview.
Ross Racing Pistons
Manufacturer of stock and custom pistons. Different types of racing require different piston designs. Custom pistons are made to the customer's specifications.
RPS Performance Products
Manufacturer of high performance clutches and clutch systems for street and racing vehicles. Technical information and articles online.
Performance parts and accessories for Ford Probe GT, Mazda MX6, MX3, and 626.
Ryan Falconer Racing Engines, Inc.
Racing engines for every form of auto racing from off-road trucks, to high endurance Rally cars, to sports car racing. Also for marine and aircraft applications. Shop talk forum.
Schneider Racing Cams
Manufacturer of camshafts and valve train components. Custom grinds from mild to wild.
SD Concept Engineering, Inc.
Centrifugal supercharger kits and intercoolers. Technical information and system prices online.
Shark Racing
Supplier of aftermarket parts for Korean and Japanese cars from strut bars to body kits and spoilers. Includes product overview.
Silicone Intake Systems
Offers intercoolers and piping systems for turbo cars. Includes product catalog and company profile.
Silicone Stop
Offers high temperature silicone couplers and related accessories. Includes product catalog, FAQs and reviews.
Slick Auto
Offers U.S. domestic and import performance parts for track and street, including bucket racing seats and carbon fiber aerodynamic components. Includes product catalog.
Sound Performance
Store and manufacturing company, fabricates turbo kits. Includes project overview, product catalogue and forums.
Southern Electronics
Wholesale and retail instrument sales and repair. Analog, digital and motorcycle repair.
Speed Demon Performance
Offers a range of aftermarket parts and accessories for imports and U.S. domestic cars and trucks. Includes product catalog.
Speedway Engineering
Manufactures quick-change rear ends, full floating rear ends based on 9" Ford SVO housings, anti-sway bars, front hubs, drive flanges, axles and other parts. Photo catalog online.
Spider Performance Automotive
Selling high performance auto and truck parts.
Split Second
Manufactures instrumentation and calibration products. Split Second products are widely used to add turbos and superchargers to naturally aspirated engines.
Spyder Engineering
Lotus compatible parts.
Steeda Autosports
Airfilter systems, exhaust systems, superchargers, suspension, and rims for most Ford vehicles.
Sube Sports
Driving suits, gloves, shoes, pit crew accessories, seats, harnesses, safety equipment, PIAA lights and light accessories plus more products for racers.
Retailer of superchargers and related accessories for all major brands. Includes news, technical data and product catalog.
Taylor Vertex
Manufacturer of high performance racing ignition wire, battery cable, primary wire, magnetos and accessories.
Think Automotive Ltd.
UK manufacturer of Mocal oil coolers and components. Laminova water to oil coolers. Remote filter heads that enable relocation of the oil filter. Transmission oil coolers.
Tokyo Express
Provide performance and tuning parts for Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, and Toyota.
Top Gear Sales Ltd.
Sells a variety of snow chains, roof bars, tuning tools, and air horns.
Total Seal Piston Rings
Manufacturer of piston rings for racing and street engines. Total Seal Engine Development Center produces custom engines for street, racing and marine uses.
Treadstone Performance
Retailer of induction and heat exchanger products. Includes product catalog.
Trick Flow
Manufacturer of high performance cylinder heads, camshafts, pistons and intake manifolds. Technical data and installation instructions online.
Turbo Wholesale Distribution
Distributor of turbo parts and related systems. Includes product catalog.
Offers turbo kits for a variety of makes and models.
Offers blowoff valves, boost controllers and related equipment for turbocharged engines. Includes product overview and company profile.
Turner Motorsport
Specialist in high performance BMW parts and accessories, as well as standard replacement parts. Online catalog with photos, prices and online ordering.
U.S. Radiator
Manufacturer of radiators for the restoration and high performance marketplace. Specializing in reproduction radiators for the muscle car era; also street rods and customs. Distributors of SPAL electric cooling fans.
Unorthodox Racing, Inc.
Manufacturer of performance parts for imports and domestics including underdrive pulleys, adjustable cam sprockets, aluminum flywheels, HD Kevlar clutches and phenolic spacers. Price list online.
Upscale Automotive
Offers a variety of parts for vehicles. Includes product catalog and gallery.
Offers power performance chips for diesel engines.
Weber Carburetors
Distributor of carburetors, conversion kits and fuel systems. Includes catalogue and pricing.
West Coast Differentials
Ring and pinion gears, lockers and axle parts. Rear end and differential parts for 4 wheel, off road or performance vehicles.
White Racing and Marine
Offering plug and play electronic fuel injection kits for most car models from 1985 to 2002, as well as tuning systems.
Wilson Manifolds
Manufacturer of performance parts and kits, with focus on nitrous injection systems. Includes product overview, company profile and catalogue.
The Winner's Circle
Distributor of Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget restoration and competition parts. Classified ads.
Winters Performance Products
Manufacturer of high performance auto parts including rear ends, hubs, differentials, axles, transmissions, shifters and gears.
Wizard of NOS
Nitrous oxide injection systems. Make own products and specialise in performance modifications.
World's Beyond Performance
Offers parts and kits for a wide range of cars. Includes product catalogue.
Xenocron Tuning Solutions
Offers a variety of components and accessories for street and racing applications. Includes product catalog and company profile.

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