Magic the Gathering was the first trading card game to achieve popular acclaim. There are now approximately five million Magic players in the world. To find out more about the game and how to play it visit the company that makes Magic: the Gathering. There are a number of useful Magic sites with articles and down loads to help you learn how to play the game. They can be found in the Games:Trading Cards:Magic section.

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Alpha Beta Unlimited
Sales of singles, boosters, and sleeves. All editions available.
Card Kingdom
Singles, decks, and boosters. Also has hints on deck building.
Card Monster Games
Has seven brick-and-mortar Trading Card Game Tournament stores in the East Tennessee area.
Channel Fireball
USA based store with blog and reviews
Cheap Magic Sleeves
Deck protectors, sleeves and accessories for Magic: The Gathering.
Buy and sell singles.
Mox Diamond
Offering single card sales from all editions, as well as resources such as a card search engine, deck library, and card combos.
MTG Mint Card
Singles, decks, accessories and boosters available. Hong Kong based.
Gaming accessories and single cards available. Based in Belgium.
Gaming store in California
Offers purchasing as well as selling of cards.
MTGO Academy
Strategy, videos, and tutorials with an attached store.
Omega Cards
Individuals selling cards from most sets. US based.
Planeswalker's Library
US based online store
Offers singles, bulk lots, accessories and card sleeves.
Star City Games
All editions available. Also features strategy guides.
The Wagical Place
Specializes in singles for all in-print editions introduced after Fallen Empires.
Wizards Cupboard
Features a variety of MTG singles, booster packs and boxes. Includes articles and gift vouchers.
Xtreme Games
Sells singles. Physical store in Illinois, USA.
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