Retail sites selling non specialist jigsaw puzzles – most typically made from cardboard.

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All Jigsaw Puzzles
UK site that features a wide variety of different types and styles of jigsaw from many manufacturers.
Imaginatorium Shop
Various sized puzzles from Japan. Includes temples, gardens, castles, landscapes, and art series.
Jigsaw Jungle
A Canadian company selling jigsaws from well-known manufactures. "Bargain Bin" puzzles are offered at a reduced price.
Jigsaw Puzzles Direct
Based in the UK and offering a wide selection of jigsaw puzzles including a number of speciality puzzles.
Jigsaws Delivered
Australian based puzzle store established since 2003.
MasterPieces Puzzle Company
Offers a variety of puzzles, games, wood painting kits and puzzle accessories. US based.
Nancy Ballhagen's Puzzles
Extensive, searchable list of jigsaw puzzles, many of which are seldom found elsewhere.
The Puzzle House
Large range of jigsaws including unusual listings of speciality puzzles such as metallic, shaped and panoramic.
Puzzle Warehouse
Jigsaw puzzles from many major manufacturers. A gift card scheme enables gift recipients to choose their own puzzles.
Based in the UK and offering a limited selection of popular jigsaws from a number of well-known manufacturers.
Simple Pastimes
Selection of popular jigsaws plus unusual subjects such as home town maps and front pages of newspapers.
So Many Puzzles
A wide range of puzzles from the popular manufacturers. Puzzles are discounted and shipping is within 24 hours.
UK Jigsaw Puzzle Club
Offers a membership that provides discounted jigsaw prices, exclusive offers and regular newsletters.
Wentworth Wooden Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzle store that specializes in intricate wooden puzzles.
Wholesale Puzzles
A selection of jigsaw puzzles searchable within sections that include brand, theme and large piece size.
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