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American Smoking Pipe Company
Source for pipemaking kits and supplies as well as new pipes. Also performs repairs.
Blatter & Blatter Inc
Makers and sellers of pipes, pipe tobaccos, and cigars. Accepts orders by phone or fax.
Bonfiglioli Alberto
Produces pipes by special order and also sells Ser Jacopo and Radice pipes.
The Briary
Sells pipes, tobaccos, cigars, and humidors. Accepts orders by phone. Also has a store in Homewood, Alabamba and does pipe repairs.
Davis and Son Fine Tobacconists
Offering pipes and tobacco.
E. A Carey
Sells pipes, tobacco and cigars. Includes the Magic Inch, accessories, and their own line of pipes.
Edwards Pipe and Tobacco of Colorado
Sells pipes, pipe tobacco, cigars, lighters and accessories. Also has a store in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Fairchild Pipes
Sells one of a kind pipes made by Ron Fairchild. Includes sand blast, smooth, carved, and signature pipes.
FF Piber of Denmark
Includes makers such as Ashton, S. Bang, Nording, and Peterson. Also offering tobacco.
Fillenwarth Pipes
Handmade tobacco pipes of various styles. Information about brands and shipping.
The Italian Pipe Homepage
Information about the artisans, photos from their workshops, tobacco reviews, shape charts, and pipes for sale.
J.M. Boswell Pipes
Sells handcrafted briar pipes, tobacco blends, and accessories. Store located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Includes photos, prices, and background information. Also does repairs.
Jon's Pipe Shop
Located in Champaign, Illinois. Sells pipes, cigars, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and other products.
Le Nuvole
Sells briar pipes handmade by Italian craftsman Maurizio Tombari. Includes testimonials.
Payless Pipes and Tobaccos
Offers classic briar, Meerschaum, novelty, and custom hand-crafted pipes, as well as tinned and bulk tobaccos, lighters, and other accessories.
The Pipe Den and Cigars
Sells tobaccos, pipes, imported cigars, estate pipes, and accessories. Also purchases estate pipes.
The Pipe Shop
Sells pipes, tobaccos, and accessories.
Pipes World
Features pipes, tobacco, and accessories.
Handmade briar pipes from makers such as Ashton, Castello, Jurgen Moritz, and Tatsuo Tajima.
Pipeworks & Wilke Pipe Shop
Sells custom blended tobaccos, Briar pipes, estate pipes, and accessories. Orders accepted by email or phone.
Premier Pipes
Offers brands such as J.M. Boswell, Brebbia, Parker and Comoy.
Source for pipes, pipe tobacco and pipe smoking accessories.
SMS Pipes
Supplier of imported Meerschaum and Lorenzo Briars smoking pipes from Turkey and Italy.
Norwegian firm's hand-crafted tobacco pipes, with classic and simple Scandinavian design. Also performs pipe repair and includes smoking hints and company information.
Talbert Pipes
Sells his own handcrafted pipes plus estate pipes. Also includes photos of other artists' work, tobacco reviews, and pipe-making tips.
Tobacco Supermarket
Sells bulk tobacco, new and estate pipes, snuff, roll your own cigarette supplies, and accessories.
Uptown's Smoke Shop
Selection of pipes, tobacco, cigars, and accessories.

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