Surf products that don't fit into other categories.
Bubble Gum Surf Wax
Offering a range of surf wax, traction pads, board bags, stickers, and accessories.
Offering a variety of surfboard fins including thrusters, quads, longboards, fixed, and specialty fins. Features bags, covers, and product warranty.
Fells Point Surf Co.
Offers a range of surfing accessories including rash guard shirts, hats & visors, surf jewelry, key chains, stickers, wallets, watches, clothing, and footwear for men, women, and kid surfers.
The Fin Guy
Vintage wooden surfboard reproductions, custom surfboard accessories, nose and tail blocks, decorative board racks and bolsa board blanks.
Future Fins
High performance foilcore fin systems for all types of surfing including techflex, fiberglass, and honeycomb technology. Featuring a Fin School teaching surfers how different fins effect their surfing.
Hawaiian Gun Racks
Offers bamboo surf board racks specifically designed for Hawaiian Gun surf boards, and stand up paddle boards.
Surf inspired handcrafted items including pillows, posters, cards, t-shirts, bags and gifts.
Surfboard art and graphics with full length decal. Featured & customizable designs available for purchase in Candy Store.
Kurtis USA
Offering UV polarized surf goggles and eye wear with full peripheral vision for surfing.
Mini Surfer
Toy for use at the beach. Authentic design with two models to choose from. Kelly Slater and Tom Carroll figures available. How to order.
Phix Doctor
Offering a range of environmentally safe epoxy and polyester ding repair kits, with instructional demo videos on different types of surfboard repair.
Rack Your Board
Unique racks for surfboards, stand up paddle boards, snowboards, skateboards and wakeboards.
Shapers Australia
Suppliers of surfboard shaping tools, materials, equipment and abrasives. Includes product description, photos, and prices. Worldwide shipping.
Surf Art
Collectible vintage surf art posters and prints from 19 different surf artists. Features canvas prints reflecting surfing lifestyle, culture and history of the surfing industry.
Surfboard Racks
Offering a range of surfboard racks for automobiles and bicycles, with rack pads, tie-down straps, and other accessories.
Offering vintage surfing collectibles and unique gifts for surfers of all ages. Features surfing books, magazines, videos, music, housewares, toys, wall maps, and informative surfing university section.
Unique surfboard fins in a variety of shapes, colors and design. Features fins for longboards, stand up paddle boards, thrusters and quads.
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