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Several Japanese martial arts, iaido, kendo, naginata and others rely on special training equipment. This category is to help meet those needs. This is not a category for kobudo or cheap "samurai swords" made of stainless steel. Also this is not the place for collectibles - the related category Regional/Asia/Japan/Arts_and_Entertainment/Traditional_Swords is the proper place to submit sites related to sword collecting and making.

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Barrett Custom Knives
Custom bladesmith Rick Barrett specializes in Japanese style swords, katanas, and fittings. Located in Goshen, Indiana and deals with customers worldwide.
Bogu-ya Kendo Equipment
Japanese supplier of handcrafted kendo bogu (armor and uniforms).
Bugei Trading Company
Japanese swords and Samurai martial arts products featuring a 144 page 800 product catalog dedicated to feudal era samurai warrior lifestyle.
Chen Chao-Po Japanese Samurai Swords
Dealing in Japanese style swords made by Chen Chao-po.
Dragonfly Forge
Custom-made blades, specializing in forged steel cable. Kendo Supplies
Online provider of Kendo supplies and sponsor for Kendo events.
Online kendo equipment shop with delivery from Korea
Fred Lohman Company
A source for parts and supplies for restoration and maintenance of Japanese swords. Located in Portland, Oregon.
Iron Monk kendo
Source for kendo supplies in Canada. Striving to provide quality goods at a fair price. Offers secure online shopping
Japanese Armor and Weapons
Authentic reproduction of Japanese Armor (armour), Helmets and Kabuto with Mempo. As well as fully functional Japanese swords and weapons for display and/or re-enactment use.
Martial arts equipment distributor in Montreal, Quebec. Also in French.
The Kendo Shop
Kendo Equipment from Korea in English, Japanese, and Korean.
Koei Budogu Company, Ltd.
A Japanese supplier for Kendo, Iaido, Judo and Karate. Pages in English and Japanese.
Mugen Dachi Tatami Sales
Tatami Omote for Tameshigiri. The company has offers brand new, traditionally made, tatami omote for practical cutting exercises with a Japanese sword.
A site for Howard Clark who makes fine quality Japanese style blades.
Nishijin Sword
Japanese sword shop in Kyoto, Japan. Offers equipment for various koryu such as kenjutsu and iaido. Specializes in shinken and iaito.
Sei Do Kai Online Catalog
Providing videos, manuals, books and martial arts equipment with a focus on kendo and iaido. Special and exotic hardwoods are available for weapons.
Shadow of Leaves
Oriental weaponry including swords made by Paul Chen.
International agent for Nosyu Iaido, a maker of fine Japanese swords and supplies for kendo, iaido, and koryu. Secure online ordering is available.
Thaitsuki Nihonto
Manufacturer and seller of iaito, katana, and other equipment for Japanese sword arts.
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