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Advanced Biological Concepts
Equine nutrition supplements and other health care products.
Supplier of nutritional supplements, liniments, and herbs for horses and dogs.
Companion Brands, LLC
Apple flavored hoof supplement with biotin, plus products for joint care and digestion. Ships in USA.
Equiform Nutrition
Sells a range of vitamin and mineral supplements for the performance horse.
Australian site sells supplement mix that includes vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals and electrolytes.
Equilife UK
Supplies horses supplements and treatment for laminitis.
Equine Products
Supplies supplements for performance enhancemnet.
Evergreen Equine Products
Information and sales of horse minerals, and feed.
Finish Line
Manufacturer of feed supplements offers free catalog of their healthcare line. Ten different feed supplements include apple-flavored electrolyte, liquid blood builder, joint supplement, and multivitamins.
Giddyap Girls Biscuit Company
Non-allergenic horse treats with no sugar, no wheat, and no preservatives.
Grand Meadows
Horse nutrition formulas are based on scientific research and developed by veterinarians.
Hallway Feeds
Hallway Feeds, a speciality line of feeds manufactured by Farmers Feed Mill, Inc., Lexington, KY.
Equine nutrition supplements including Photo Finish Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Premix, BioZin 320, NuSe, and BioFlax 20.
Joint supplements for your horse.
Life Data Labs
Makers of Farrier's Formula nutritional supplement. Other supplements and healthcare products available.
Michigan Microfeeds
Probiotic health care for animals with Fastrack direct fed microbials. Natural, no medication or chemicals for your dogs, dairy, cattle, swine, horses, and other livestock.
Opt E Horse Supplement
All-in-one horse supplement, your satisfaction is guaranteed. See testimonials, ingredients, feeding rates and find your nearest dealer.
Peak Performance Nutrients, Inc.
Equine supplement manufacturer with a line of over 25 products that are sugar and filler free. Testimonials, detailed product descriptions, research references and a glossary.
SmartPak Equine
Leading name brand supplements, custom packed for your horse and delivered to your home or barn.
Smooth Run Equine, Inc.
All natural horse and canine supplements, featuring probiotic ingredients. Includes articles and a photo gallery.
Sportswell Limited
The natural supplement to improve joint and tissue function, and enhance horse stamina, strength and endurance made from deer antler velevet. Ingredient information.
Feed supplements, vitamins, and joint care products. J-flex, an alternative to Cosequin.
Total Health Enhancement: Horses
Promoting optimum equine health and performance. New solutions for gastric ulcers in horses, laminitis, increased endurance, wound healing, and help for bleeders.
Twydil: Pavesco.Ag
Swiss company offers a range of nutrition, care and vitamin products for competition horses.
Woody's Performance Horse Feed Products
Horse feeds and supplements.

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