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American Dinosaur Fossils Exchange
Dinosaur fossils and minerals for sale to individuals, schools and resellers.
Hong Kong dealer offers dinosaur eggs and a selection of fossil specimens.
Black Hawk Fossils
Offers a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate. Specializing in material from the Green River Formation, Wyoming.
Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc.
Displays, replicas, fossils, and educational material for sale.
The Bone Room
Sells casts and fossil bones of insect, animal and human.
Certified BearPaw Ammonites
Fossils, jewelry and triples.
Charlie's Finest Fossil Fish Market
Sells, prepares and restores Green River fossil fish.
Offers molds of Mesozoic vertebrate fossils with activity kits for making casts.
D and D Fossils
Selection of competitively priced fossils. Pictures of available specimens.
Dino Star
Online fossil and astronomy store. Includes fossils, books, replicas, and art for sale.
The Dinosaur Store
Sells dinosaur teeth, claws, and eggs, trilobites, shark teeth, rare flying reptiles, solnhofen collection, and ice age fossils.
Specializing in Texas Cretaceous fossils.[Requires Shockwave Plug-in]
Everything Prehistoric
Fossils and other geological objects for sale from the Black Hills Institute.
Extinctions Fossils
Extensive on-line fossil displays and catalogs.
The Fish Out of Time
Includes an online shop of t-shirts and replicas of Coelacanth fossils; educational material.
Fossil Mall
Fossils from several dealers collected in a single store.
The Fossil Store
Minerals and fossils procured globally for collectors. Also offers antiques.
Specialising in UK fossils from the Yorkshire coast and the Dorset Coast. Also runs fossil hunting trips.
Henskens Fossils
Online sale of fossils.
Lang's Fossils
Eurypterids, Upper Paleozoic trilobites, dinosaur eggs and teeth, and some meteorites.
Lowcountry Geologic
Source for fossil shark teeth and other fossils.
Museum and Collector Fossils
Trilobites, dinosaur bones, shark teeth, dinosar teeth. Updated weekly.
Natural Canvas Fossils
Source for especially unusual and esoteric fossils. Also includes the Interactive Dinosaur Skeleton, an educational site on dinosaur anatomy and other unusual FAQs and resources.
Natural Creations
Fossils, amber, jewelry and handcrafted tribal artwork and authentic folk art for sale.
Nature's Own
Rocks, minerals, and fossils for sale online.
Palaeo Jo's
A variety of fossils for sale, as well as minerals and hand-crafted jewelry.
Paleo Direct
Fossil specimens from various forms of prehistoric life and genuine artifacts from early humans.
Offers primarily Russian Ordovician trilobites. Also includes sections on preparation and collection localities.
Paleosearch Inc.
Fossils for sale, specializing in unusual and rare fossils.
R. Luther
Prehistoric pewter figurines from evolutionary times like the Jurassic.
Rockmans Fossils
Fossils for the classroom and the collector.
Saint-Petersburg Paleontological Laboratory
Specializing in Russian fossils. Offers a variety of trilobites, ammonites, vertebrates and minerals.
Stones and Bones Fossil Company
Includes ammonites, fish, shark's teeth, meteorites, and minerals.
Triebold Paleontology
Professional fossil collector specializing in vertebrate fossils.
Valley Anatomical Preparations
Offers replicas of fossil and recent skulls and skeletons. Custom crating and mounting also available.
Yorkshire Coast Fossils
Supplier of fossils, hand crafted whitby jet jewellery, and polished gifts. Specializing in ammonoids, but other fossils also available.
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