3 Rivers Game Calls
Offers hand made game calls.
A-Way Hunting Products, Inc.
Offering a selection of turkey and deer calls.
Offering hunting calls for coyote, bear, fox, cougar, and other varmints and predators.
Bigmouth Waterfowl Calls
Offering acrylic Canadian, snow, white-front or speck goose calls and duck calls for hunting or competition calling.
Blackfalcon Custom Calls
They produce custom handmade turkey calls, hand-checkered and inlaid or field grade box, trumpet, and predator calls.
Bugling Bull
Offering elk, turkey and deer calling systems.
Bully's Game Calls
Offering information on hunting strategy, tips for filling your tag, as well as handmade, custom turkey calls.
Cache River Duckall
Custom duck calls are hand-tuned by Grover Knoll. Many related items, information and duck guide list.
Call Coozy
Form fitting neoprene covers for duck and goose calls.
Call Purrfect
Features a kit to make turkey calls.
Cane Creek Calls
Offering custom made calls, including hand-stretched designs.
Carlson Championship Calls
Offers handcrafted, injected molded and acrylic calls as well as instructional video and audio tapes.
Chamberlin Calls
Offers custom Arkansas style, single reed mallard duck calls and wood duck calls, all handcrafted from exotic hardwoods, micarta or cast acrylic rod.
Constantine Productions
Dave Constantine's custom and field grade wild game calls, specializing in turkey and deer calls. Photos and descriptions of original artwork for sale, including wildlife carvings, paintings and game calls.
Crit'R Calls
Open-reed predator calls, designed by Major Boddicker.
Custom Call Lanyards
Featuring calls made from waxed leather or parachute cord. Also includes small game carriers, dog leads and training equipment.
Custom Calls Online
The callmakers and collectors source for custom calls, including web resources, material sources, tips and tricks, newsletter, and chat.
Dad's Custom Turkey Calls
Makers of custom made turkey calls and locator calls. Offering limited edition turkey call and exotic wood made calls.
Deep Timber Sounds
Offering bear, deer turkey, and elk calls and accessories.
DeepWoods Duck Calls
Offering custom, handmade duck calls in a wide variety of exotic and domestic hardwoods as well as acrylics.
Dogbreath Coyote Calls
Offers coyote calls.
Easton Outdoors
A website with custom made turkey calls including friction calls, locator calls and other products used for turkey hunting.
Fantomb Calls
This site offers custom handmade turkey calls. Call types include trough, scratch, pot (slate, glass, and aluminum surfaces), box, crow, and tube calls.
Fox Pro
Offers an electronic game calling system.
GK Calls
Manufacturer of Giant Killer custom goose calls.
Gobbler Down Custom Calls
Manufacturer of handcrafted, custom calls for turkey hunting.
Offering handmade customer duck and goose calls and other products for waterfowl hunters.
Hook's Custom Calls
Offering handcrafted, turkey calls. Types of calls available are diaphragm calls, friction calls and strikers.
J C Products, LLC
Voice units which are inserted into wood or plastic housings, they provide applications including game calls for hunting and photography, novelty items and noisemakers.
J. A. Kolter Calls
Offers handmade duck, goose, turkey and other game calls made from a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods.
J.J. Lares Professional Calls
Offering duck and goose calls designed and machined by Joe Lares.
Jake's Calls
Offers custom handcrafted duck calls and gifts for the hunter.
JEG Calls
Offering custom duck and goose calls in laminated and high figured woods.
JL Calls
JL Calls specializes in custom made duck and goose calls.
Kelly's Kalls
Offering custom wood and acrylic duck and goose calls.
Knight and Hale
Offers wildlife and turkey calls, waterfowl calls, predator and coyote calling products for hunters.
KumDuck Duck Calls
Manufacturer of custom wood and acrylic duck calls since 1950. Offers calls for hunters of all ages and abilities.
Kwack Wacker Duck Calls
Offering signed and numbered duck calls, hand turned and laser engraved.
Lavender Mountain
Offers turkey and locator calls, as well as display and storage boxes. Includes custom dated and signed models.
Longbeard Calls
Custom made turkey calls, including longboxes, double boxes, slate or glass calls, and scratchbox are available.
Louisiana Duck Calls
Offering custom Arkansas style duck calls hand turned from exotic woods. Includes a collection of duck hunting photos and stories, updated weekly.
Midwest Turkey Call Supply
Offering custom and production turkey calls, camouflage clothing, custom turkey strikers, shotgun choke tubes, instructional aids, decoys and many other hunting items.
Mississippi Scratch Box Turkey Calls
This site includes a description of custom made turkey calls available through this site, including pictures of various custom calls, and contact information.
Morgan's Turkey Callers
Offering a friction and box call and other hunting accessories.
Murry Burnham Game Calls
Offering mouth blown calls and cassette tapes to call coyotes, deer, and turkey.
My Elk Call
Elk and turkey calls to make at home. Instructions on building a reed press.
Nature's Echo Call Company
Specializing in handmade pot style turkey calls.
P.T. Tully Custom Gamebird Calls
Offering custom duck, goose, and turkey calls.
Pacific Flyway Company
Custom hand turned and tuned duck, goose and turkey calls
Paul Meek Outdoors
Manufacturer of turkey calls, deer lures and scents, and custom engraved turkey calls.
Paul's Calls
Custom made paddle turkey calls by Albert Paul.
Performance Calls
Offers custom made goose calls by professional hunting guide and caller Chris Holste.
Phantom Calls
Offering digital electronic deer calls.
Pioneer Game Calls
A wholesale supplier of game call making supplies including materials for diaphragm turkey calls.
Pocket Call Company
Manufacturer of game calls for coyote and predator, deer, squirrel, bear, hog and javelina.
Prairie Calls
Custom made hunting calls for duck, goose, turkey, deer, predators.
Preston Pittman Game Calls
World Champion turkey caller specialized in turkey and big game calls.
Primos Hunting Calls
Offering big game, waterfowl, and predator calls.
Quacker Attacker Custom Calls
Offering handcrafted short reed and flute goose calls, as well as duck and crow calls, made from acrylic and fine hardwoods.
Quacky Calls
Custom duck and turkey calls made from native, non-native and exotic woods.
Ray Tom Calls
Ray builds custom turkey calls that will enhance your turkey hunting experience. Ray builds slate, glass and box calls.
Rich N Tone
Offers a selection of custom calls from select woods and acrylics for hunting and competition.
River Bottom Calls
Custom duck, goose, and turkey calls.
Rut 'n Strut Game Calls
NWTF award winner Tim Sandford offers handmade custom turkey calls.
Severen and Severen
Specializing in game calls for waterfowl, upland game and big game species.
Simmons Custom Calls
Custom duck and turkey calls.
Southern Game Calls
A maker of custom duck, goose, turkey, predator and big game calls.
Strutn J's Game Calls
Offers a customized line of game calls, including turkey, big game, predator, and waterfowl calls.
Super Yelper Turkey Calls
Small, lightweight, and able to produce a full range of turkey talk. Handmade from the finest aged southern cedar, cherry and walnut woods. Ordering information for phone or mail orders.
Supreme Turkey Calls
Offering custom designs.
Sure-Shot Game Calls
Offering a variety of quality game calls including duck, goose, deer, elk, turkey, and other small game.
Sutter Basin Duck Calls
Offering handcrafted acrylic and wood, single or double reed, Arkansas style duck calls.
Thomas Game Calls
Manufacturer of game calls, including ducks, deer, squirrel, raccoon, crow, predator, quail, wounded rabbit, also lanyards and reeds.
Tim Grounds
Offers a variety of duck and goose calls to choose from.
TN Calls
Offers custom duck and goose calls as well as call making supplies.
Tom Teasers Turkey Calls
They hand-craft diaphragm, friction pot turkey calls and custom pot strikers one-at-a-time with over 25 years experience.
Tree Top Turkeys
Offering recorded turkey calls and call storage boxes.
Tru-Tone Calls
Offering duck and goose calls, decoys and apparel.
The Turkey Call
Offering box calls and slate over glass friction calls as well as strikers designed to imitate the vocalizations of real turkeys.
Watkins Duck Calls
Custom made hen mallard duck calls by Brian Watkins. Buy calls, lanyards, t-shirts, hats and decals. Located in the Chesapeake Bay region of Virginia.
Wildfowl Carvings and Calls
Duck, goose, and turkey calls, and carved birds from wood sculptor Kent S. Freeman.
Wing Tips Down
Hand crafted acrylic duck calls and goose calls made in Kentucky by Tony Hartlage.
Wood Butcher Calls
Custom game calls for turkey, and deer. Full line of calls and supplies available.
Woods Wise
Bird and game calls and instructional material.
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