Merchants and vendors who supply weaponry for Living History Reenactments, principally edged weapons such as swords, daggers, and spears. Suggestions for sites to be listed are encouraged via the "add URL" label at page top.

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Age of Chivalry
Renaissance period reenactment arms, armor, and clothing of all varieties. Shops at numerous faires; on line ordering accepts credit cards.
Albion Swords
Museum quality reproduction swords, knives, armor for reenactment events.
Historical pistol reproductions that fire rubber bands. Created mostly for LARP, SCA, cosplay and other live history organizations.
CAS Iberia
Swords, daggers, knives and martial arts equipment, including battle ready Medieval swords and limited edition Last Legend samurai swords.
CF Swords
An online retailer of swords, featuring an online game and live chat with other sword collectors.
Collectors Armoury, Ltd.
Features replica weaponry from a broad range of periods. Also offers related accessories and collectibles.
Dark Knight Armory
Sells a wide range of historical replica weapons, from battle-ready to ornamental. Includes swords from renown smiths in the US and the world.
Dragons Watch
Supplier of swords, daggers, and axes for the reenactor; on line catalog and ordering information, based in Canyon Lake, Texas.
Edged Arts
Retailer specialising in edged weaponry, armour, period clothing and accoutrements in European, Chinese and Japanese styles.
Extremely Sharp
Swords, knives, self defense equipment and other weapons from a variety of manufacturers; information on care and use.
Heavenly Swords
Retailer offering replica swords, weapons, armor, and costumes.
Lundegaard Armoury
Custom designed and fabricated weapons for theatrical combat and reenactment events; swords and daggers with high carbon steel blades, pins, brooches, and buttons. On line catalog and ordering, based in High Bridge, New Jersey.
Museum Replicas Limited
Fully functional replicas of armour and weapons, decorations and books, clothing and costumes.
Purpleheart Armoury
Offers complete line of hand-crafted solid wooden practice swords. Suitable for training practice and controlled contact free-sparring.
Shanghai Cuttlery
Division of Wuu Jau Co Inc., based in Edmond, Oklahoma; knives, swords, martial arts weapons including United Cuttlery, Case, Bear, Smith and Wesson.
Starfire Swords
Makers of reproduction medieval, Renaissance, and other period and fantasy weapons. Offers daggers, swords, axes, and accessories. Online catalog and ordering. Attends various faires.
The Steel Source
Retailer for Asian and medieval swords and armor. Includes Full line of Asian swords and armor. Also offers replica guns, pocket knives, and Renaissance clothing.
Sells replicas of swords (including battle-ready items), historical weapons, armor and clothing. Also offers jewelry and collectibles, and custom engraving. Features articles about history and historical weapons and armor.
The Swordmark Company
Swords, daggers, armor, and accessories for Renaissance Faires and similar events; ordering information, accepts credit cards, based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Swords of Honor
Specializes in "battle ready" swords, weapons and wearable suits of armor. Includes wooden and latex weapons, Renaissance and medieval clothing, and accessories.
The Web Collection
Medieval, Renaissance, Oriental, and fencing weaponry for the serious collector, including replica guns, axes, and lances; on line catalog and ordering accepts credit cards.
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