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Custom Knives are hand-made,specially crafted and designed knives. Specialty shops are knife stores that specialize in certain products (swords, Victorinox, fantasy, etc.)

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Aceros de Hispania
Includes bowie, combat, survival, skinner, scuba, throwing, and knives made in Spain.
BenchMade Knives
Sells a variety of knives and other cutlery.
Booysen Handmade Knives
Folding knives by an indigenous african.
Brian Lyttle Knives
Bladesmith and instructor offers bowies, hunters, daggers, dirks, folders, and carving knives. Engraving and scrimshaw.
Custom Cutlery, Inc.
Cutlery, knives and knife making supplies.
Fred Eisen Art Knives
Dealer for custom knife makers, also offers accessories.
Gary Levine Knives
Dealer for various makers. Also purchases and resells from collectors and estates.
E-source that sells only Gerber knives, multitools, and camping gear.
Hendrix Knives
Handmade knives by stock removal method. Tapered tangs with exotic handle materials and steel guards.
Jack Adams Cutlers
Offers a variety of knives, scissors, and workers tools. Located in the UK.
Jantz Knifemaking Supply Kits
Pre-shaped blades, handle materials, rivets, books, leather and kydex sheath supplies, polishing and finishing tools.
Japanese Knives by Kikuichi
Japanese cutlery for over 700 years, manufactured with the legacy of the Samurai.
K and G Finishing Supplies
Stabilized woods, handle material, and all supplies for knife makers.
Khukuri Palace
Nepalese wholesaler and retailer of authentic khukuris, the traditional weapon that every Ghurkha soldier still carries today.
Features a variety of brand name kitchen cutlery, hunting, and pocket knives. Also includes sharpening stones.
Myerchin, Inc.
Sport and marine rigging knives, dive watches, sheaths, gear and marine classics. Suppliers to US Navy and Coast Guard.
Saladini Knives
Large selection of knives made in Firenze, Italy.
Victorinox Swiss Army knives including pen, altimeter, timekeeper, gift sets, and multi-use tools.
Texas Knifemaker's Supply
Source for blades, steel, handle materials, kits, equipment, tools, sharpening, heat treatment, and cryogenics.
Thompson's Knife Supply
Components for making Scandinavian style knives.
Victorinox Swiss Army Knives
Range of Victorinox Swiss Army Knives from Switzerland. Worldwide shipping.
Watanabe Blade
Japanese kitchen cutlery and outdoor knives (machete, sickle), by Sanjo blacksmith Iwao Watanabe.
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