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100 Straight Products, Inc
Terminator recoil pads and reducers, wooly snap caps, and adjustable comb hardware.
Ahrends Grips
Manufactures and sells wood grips for pistols and revolvers.
Offers gun accessories for the avid hunter and shooting competitor. These include the patented Wrapid Comb and Fullstock Wrap.
Brooks Tactical Systems
Offering a wrap-around, "stick-on" grip designed to work with sweaty hands.
Cheek-n-Stock for Shooters
Recoil cushioning cheek pad for shotgun or rifle shooters.
Chisel and Plane Workshop
Offers Colt and Ruger single action gun grips for collectors and cowboy action shooters. On-line catalog and custom orders.
Specializing in handmade pistol grips. Includes ivory, cowboy action, and scrimshaw designs.
Craig Spegel Grips
Makes and sells wood handgun grips.
Custom Killer Grips
Makers of premium custom 1911 grips.
Denzel Roberts
Custom buttstocks, forends, and grips for T/C Contender and Encore in a variety of woods and styles.
E. Arthur Brown Co.
Dealer of custom stocks and accessories, primarily for the Ruger 10/22 and Thompson/Center firearms.
Eagle Grips
Handcrafted custom handgun grips.
Esmeralda Exotic Grips
Offers custom grips made from exotic woods from around the world.
Exotic Pistol Grips
Manufactures pistol grips made from exotic materials such as stag horn, ivory, and exotic woods.
Falcon Industries, Inc.
Offers the Ergo Grip designed to fit a variety of rifles.
Galati International Online
Offers grips and gun stocks for the AK, SKS, Marlin, Ruger, Mosin Nagant, Enfield, Mini 14, Mossberg, Maverick 88, and Shotgun top-folding stock.
Hogue Retail Store
Hogue grips, stocks, knives and accessories retail store.
Nutmeg Sports
Specializes in ivory grips for Colt handguns.
Old Tree Gun Blanks
Specializes in air dried hardwoods for grip and stock making. Includes photographs of wood samples.
Ram-Line Stocks
Sells synthetic rifle and shotgun stocks for many models.
Rhyno Technologies
Manufactures and supplies customized aluminum and wood grips for popular gun makes and models.
Richards Microfit Gunstocks
Finishing kits and a variety of stocks. Includes FAQ and inventory list.
Royal Arms Gunstocks
Specializing in unfinished wood gunstocks. Also offering inletting tools.
SparrowHawk Stocks
Offering M14 dummy kits.
Wicked Grips
Offers custom grips for 1911 pistols.
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