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Action Air Parachutes
Parachute sales and service. Sells canopies, containers, AADs, helmets, goggles, altimeters, audible altimeters, accessories, books and videos. Based in US. Online catalog but no prices.
Big Air Sport
Sells the Samurai, Lotus, Ninja, and Genesis parachutes. Printable order forms.
Don Mayer's Parachute Shop
Parachute equipment distributor. Online catalog.
Eg Sky Technologies
Sky diving apparel and accessories manufacturer, producing jumpsuits, frap hats, back packs, hand bags, hats, and leather products.
Flite Suit
Freefly, RW, skyboarding and camera jumpsuits. Downloadable order forms.
Gravity Gear
Skydiving and base jumping equipment, apparel and accessories, including canopies, jumpsuits, altimeters and AADs.
Para-Gear Equipment Co.
Parachute equipment distributor. Wide range of goods in their online catalog. E-mail, phone, fax, or mail to order.
German manufacturer of parachutes, including the Next container, the Fandango, Balance, Quadra and Super-7 mains, and the Speed 2000 reserve. Printable order forms.
Rigs and Things Paraservice
Sells skydiving accessories, canopies, containers, AADs, jumpsuits and altis.
Skydance HeadGear
Skydiving photography helmets and accessories.
Skydiving Suits by Bev Hein
Skydiving jumpsuit manufacturer. Printable order forms.
Skyhi Visual Productions
Sells "Malfunctions!" video and photos for training. Also manufactures and supplies custom-made jump suits for skydiving cameramen.
Square One Parachutes
Supplier of a huge variety of skydiving equipment, clothing and accessories. Online ordering, including graphical canopy and container color design.
Sunshine Factory
Sells a wide range of skydiving goods. Online ordering for accessories. Printable order forms for canopies and containers.
Tony Suits
Manufactures a range of RW and freefly suits. Printable order forms.
Total Control skydive gear
Distributes skydive gear, including parachutes, altimeters and helmets.
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