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Bolden, Tonya
Author/editor of books for adults and children focused on family, African-American history and women's issues.
Borba, Dr. Michele
Books on parenting, achievement and character development.
Brackney, Susan M.
Author of The Lost Soul Companion, The Not-So-Lost Soul Companion and The Insatiable Gardener's Guide. Biography and excerpts.
Brein, Michael - Travel Adventures
Travel and guide books from a serious traveler
Bryan, Vernanne
Offering her books of fiction, history, romance, and adventure.
Campbell, Richard
Based on the true adventures of Alvin Clarence Thomas, the man who created the character, "Titanic Thompson".
Castleman, Michael
Author of books, magazine, and Web articles dealing with health, preventing illness, medicine, and alternative therapies.
Cherny, Andrei
Excerpts, reviews and sales of the political book, "The Next Deal."
Copeland, Mary Ellen
Books, videos and other publications on mental health recovery.
Cross, Donna Woolfork: Pope Joan
Novel about the woman who disguised herself as a man and sat for two years on the papal throne.
Curcio, James: Join My Cult
Promotion for the novel includes audio, video, and other media produced by cultists and affiliated organizations.
Davison, Gerald - Marks on Chinese Ceramics
Books Chinese ceramic markings.
Donaghe, Ronald L.
Books, reviews, articles
Dunn, David
Information on the author and his latest adventure thrillers.
England, Christopher M. - Outsourcing the American Dream
Includes biography and interviews, book excerpts and reviews, and contact and ordering information.
Evans, Gail
Author of several spiritual and autobigraphical titles.
Fanning, Diane
Biographical information, scheduled events, contact information and news about published books and projects in development.
Faulkner, Lewis - Faulkner Fiction
About the author and his novels.
Fforde, Jasper
Author of 'The Eyre Affair' talks about his books, past present and future.
Gentry, J. Richard - The Literacy Map
Official site of acclaimed author of several works in spelling and reading for kindergarten through eight grade.
Godwin Books
Titles include Operatic Italian, Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors, The Eternal Forest, and Why Stay We Here?, by Robert S. Thompson and George Godwin.
Griffiths, Stuart - Pontcanna Press
Shakespeare's Language and How Plays Are Made.
Griffiths, Andrew
Author that offers series of books where themes are advice for small businesses.
Guilmartin, Nance
Features "Healing Conversations: What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say", a practical guide for challenging situations.
Heatherley, Joyce Landorf
Christian books, women's issues, motivational, self-help and inspirational works.
Helton, J.R.
A memoir "Below The Line" and "Man And Beast", a narrative of his animal welfare experiences.
Henderson, Roger - Family GP and Author
Author of '100 Ways to live to 100' and '100 Proven Ways To Manage Stress'. Available for Lectures.
Holtzman, Debra Smiley - The Safety Expert
Author of child safety books, including The Panic-Proof Parent.
Hunter, Gwen
Books, appearances, and news and first chapters.
Irby, Susan - Cooking With Susan
Home of Bikini Cooking With Susan and Susan's Cook Club.
Kede, Eva - Eva's Kitchen
Cookbooks include Kitchen Confidence, and Hungarian Kitchen; from Alberta.
Laing, Wendy - Wendave Audio Books
Home page of an Australian author and poet.
Limberger, Claude: Pug Enterprises
Books on the human condition.
Lindsay, Douglas
Promotes and sells the Barney Thomson series and other comedy/crime novels by Scottish author.
Macpherson, Colin - Mopoke Publishing
The Tide Turners. Reviews and readers comments are on the site as well as the author's bio.
Maden, Mary
Children's books, educational books, coastal history and ecology about the North Carolina, Outer Banks.
Meader , Stephen W.
Classic adventure stories, and young adult fiction.
Merton, Thomas
Books by and about the author, including out of print and rare titles.
Middleton, Ian - Travel Writer
Author of two books on South America and Ireland; personal information and details on his books.
Moore, Christopher G. - Asia Fiction
Chronicles of the Bangkok nightlife and the dark side to expat life in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
Moore, Peter
Author of books on travel and life.
Moses, Jeffrey
Author of "Oneness: Great Principles Shared by All Religions"; writer of corporate histories.
Murray, J. J.
Previews and excerpts from the author's novels
Neuman, Herman
Bastards, Bitches, and Heroes, biography about two abandoned children who suffered severe illnesses, exile and slavery. Then they worked themselves through college and became world travelers.
Parrish, Earl W.
Science fiction, fantasy and horror writer.
Pfaltz, Kay - Lauren's Story
Featuring a story about a stray beagle in Paris and unconditional love between people and animals.
Rees, Dr D Ben - Welsh Publications
Welsh language books and the history of the Welsh people in the Merseyside area, published in English and Welsh.
Robinson, E. John
World renowned seascape artist shows the art of painting the sea in oils and watercolors with a selection of books and videos.
Siplin, Karen
His Insignificant Other. Twentysomething relationships and contemporary urban life.
Stienstra, Tom
Camping, hiking, and fishing, guides to California and the Pacific Northwest.
Strand, Karen
Author of 'Escape From the Fowler's Snare' an account of a young man trapped in insanity.
Tebble, Nick - Blue Dune Books
Self-publishing venture, featuring three novels.
Tillman, Barrett
Description of history and fiction books plus affiliated topics: military, aviation, naval.
Tinniswood, Adrian
A summary of books and reviews by the UK architectural historian.
Tobias, Sheila
Lecturer on science, mathematics, feminism and author of several books on these topics.
Tye, Larry
Author of "Homelands" and "Father of Spin".
Verstappen, Stefan
Author of Chinese Business Etiquette, The Art of Urban Survival, The Thirty-Six Strategies, Blind Zen, and Little Warriors. Includes book excerpts, essays and articles, workshops, and examples of the author's artwork.
Wales, Vincent M.
Official site; information about the author, his books (both published and in-progress).
Walls, Kathleen
Includes "Last Step", a mystery romance, plus a guide to haunted sites in Georgia, and information on upcoming books.
Ware, Shirley Gerald
Founder of Fresh! Literary Magazine, and author of Somebody Too, Man in the Basement Window and Just Kids.
West, Doreen Louie - Nutty Books
Publishers of the books by about the life of her mother, and her Oxfordshire family between 1910 and 1953.
Williams, George III
Autographed books direct from the author.
Wood, Robert S.
Author of Peaceful Passing, Have More Fun and Homeopathy the Medicine that Works.
Wright, Clifford A
A cook and author specializing in Italy and the Mediterranean. Six books available on line.
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