Accepting the Ashes
A book and audio CD written to help military families and veterans understand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Written by an adult daughter of a Viet Nam veteran.
Blood on Borneo
Jack Wong Sue's book on the Australian Military Unit, the Z Specials.
The Collector's Guide To Cloth Third Reich Military Headgear
Covers military cloth headgear and cap manufacturers with maker histories, period advertisements, and many photographs.
Crossing the Sauer
Personal memoir of a WWII combat infantryman and includes a chapter, reviews, photos, and author bio.
Death of the Leaping Horseman
Book about 24. Panzer-Division and its combat actions in the streets of Stalingrad.
Destiny Ours
William Duffy's book detailing his father battle to survive the jungle and Japanese enemy, after bailing out over Malaya.
Dunkirk Spirit
Novel telling the story of the men and women who rescued an army and turned the tide of World War Two.
Hell From Heaven
Leonard Streitfeld's account of USAF's 398th Bomb Group's bombing missions over Germany, with photos of combat.
In The Shadow of Suribachi
A fictionalized account of the Battle of Iwo Jima.
Military History of Sovereign Hawaii
The military history of Hawaii as an independent country before annexation to the U.S. in 1898.
Military Vehicles of the Allied Forces in Berlin 1945-1994
Contains over 400 photos of military vehicles in Berlin and background Info.
A Test of Faith and Courage
Oscar B. Ladner's memoir of a WWII Combat Infantryman in Patton 's Third Army.
There It Is
First hand accounts of Canadian citizens who were drafted or enlisted to fight in the Vietnam War.
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