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Allen Williams, Maude - Maude: She Grew Up with the Country
From the secrets of living to age 110, to family life before TV; details from Maude's life.
Benbow, John - Brave Benbow
Biography of Admiral John Benbow.
Boyce, William D. - Lone Scout: W. D. Boyce and American Boy Scouting
Biography of Chicago newspaper publisher, adventurer, entrepreneur and founder of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910.
Constable, Daniel and William - Citizen Daniel and the Call of America
Brian Jenkins' account, based on letters and journals of two brothers who sailed from England to America in 1806, and traveled from Niagara Falls to New Orleans.
Earhart, Amelia: East To The Dawn
Susan Butler's biography of Amelia Earhart.
Fenoglio, Virginia - A Beautiful Time
The story of a woman's life, through her family, focussing on the final few months of her life.
Foltz, Clara Shortridge: The Lady Lawyer
Sharon Avey's book, featuring a career that spanned 56 years and its impact on others.
Gell-Mann, Murray - Strange Beauty
George Johnson's biography of the physicist who discovered the quark, and the Eightfold Way.
Ginsberg, Allen - Ginsberg at Evergreen
Leo Daugherty's interview with the poet.
Hammond, John - Beloved African
Jill Baker's account of the life and work of her father, a pioneering educator in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe.
Haughey, Charles - Sweetie
Kevin O'Connor's story of a former Prime Minister of Ireland; his life, loves and enemies.
Hearst, William Randolph - Hearst Over Hollywood
Louis Pizzitola's book about Hearst's role in shaping films from the Silent era to the 1940s. Note; Flash required, no HTML option.
Horn, Stacy - Waiting for My Cats to Die
Autobiographical discussion of death, TV, music, the single life and cats.
Robbins, Rhea Côté - Wednesday's Child
Growing up as a woman in the Franco-American culture in Maine.
Smith, Jack DeBar - The Iconoclast Goes to Sea
World war II experiences as an enlisted man in the US Navy.
Turnbull, Colin M. - In the Arms of Africa
Roy Richard Grinker's biography of the anthropologist.
Winton, Alexander - Famous but Forgotten
Automotive pioneer and industrialist who produced cars between 1896 and 1922. Table of contents and book excerpts. Written by Thomas F. Saal and Bernard J. Golias.
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