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Ancestry of Jazz
By Daniel Hardie. Tells the story of the roots of New Orleans jazz beginning with its ancestors in the early colonies of north America and ending with its 20th century relatives.
Bob Baker
Musician and writer, offers publications regarding music business topics.
The Golden Age of Jazz
Photojournalist William P. Gottlieb documented the greatest people and places of jazz. Online sales, link to complete Gottlieb archive at the Library of Congress.
The Hammer Dulcimer Book
It's about building hammered dulcimers; intended for novice and experienced builders.
The Heart of the Circle: A Guide to Drumming
Recommends including drumming in relationships and ceremonies.
Hey, Look, I'm on TV
Jim Lounsbury's behind-the-scenes book about the early days of TV and Rock, featuring private pictures and autograph collection.
In Griot Time: An American Guitarist in Mali
The Banning Eyre's new book and CD about his sojourn in Mali.
The Indie Bible
Big Meteor Publishing offers this directory of music contacts.
Pierce Piano Books and Services
Offering a series of titles about piano, acoustic guitars, and Hammond organ.
Playing (Less) Hurt
An injury prevention guide for musicians written by Janet Horvath, cellist with the Minnesota Orchestra since 1980 and recognized lecturer on prevention of injuries to musical performers. Hardbound and spiralbound books as well as posters and laminated card sets offered for sale.
Professional Desk References, Inc.
Offering a subscription database categorizing popular music of all music genres and eras. Includes licensing information and terms of service.
The first ever coverage of all the singles that made one or more of the official sales charts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Songs of West Africa
Contains over 80 traditional West African folk songs and chants in 6 languages along with extensive translations, annotations and performance notes.
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