Add sites for professional custom photographic and digital imaging labs. This category is not for photofinishing labs. For those (1hour photo...etc) use: Photography/ Business/ Photofinishing.
ABC Photocolour Products Ltd.
Professional commercial lab offering lightjet output and giclee prints. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Argentum Photo Lab
Hand processing, custom printing, and close monitoring of film processing. Hollywood, CA.
Based in London catering for the professional black and white and digital photographic market.
Cox Black and White Lab, Inc.
A custom black and white photographic lab offering film processing (including Pyro), custom fiber based printing, and museum-standard copy work. Rancho Cordova, California.
The Darkroom
Custom black and white print processing lab. State College, PA.
Diversified Lab Services
Specializing in professional, mass duplication of 35mm slides at competitive prices. Located in St. Louis, Mo.
Comprehensive photo services lab. Very large with more than 200 technicians are producing the graphics that wrap city buses, fill display windows and hang in fine museums. Located in New York.
Dwayne's Photo
In-house processing of Kodachrome movie film in the US. Push/pull processing is also available. Parsons, Kansas.
Film Rescue International
Specializing in processing old and expired films using deleted processes such as C-22, E-2, E-4,K-12, EM25, EM26, ME-4 and ECO-3.
The Finer Image
Full service conventional photo and digital lab in Danvers, MA.
Full Circle Ltd.
Custom color, specializing in archival quality photographic prints for panoramic, and fine art photographers. Using Fujicolor Crystal archive, and Ilfochrome papers.
Giant Photo Service
Custom photographic and digital imaging Lab located in San Diego, California, specializing in enlargements, mounting, laminating, life-size cutouts, and photo restoration.
The Light Room
Specializing in giclee printing and film scanning. Includes photographic prints from digital files.
Commercial imaging services, both photographic and digital, as well as professional film sales.
Meisel Visual Imaging
Digital imaging focused entirely on producing graphics for the corporate, retail, and trade show industries.
MV Labs
Custom black and white lab located in New York City. Offer processing, printing, consultation and archival supplies.
North Coast Photographic Services
A full service professional lab serving northern San Diego County.
Photo Craft Imaging
Custom photo lab and digital imaging services. Includes graphics for tradeshow displays, airport backlits, color murals, drum scanning, and E6 processing.
Photo Shoppe
Digital services and film processing.
Phototech Labs
Offering digital and film processing and services. Includes photo restoration, cards, and posters.
The Print Lab
Custom black and white prints. Chicago, IL.
Prolab Digital
Offers a range of digital and photographic services including drum scanning, retouching, inkjet prints, and direct digital to photoprints. Located in west Los Angeles.
A photographic and digital lab for exhibition and display printing, scanning and image archiving. Bristol UK.
Reedy Photoprocess
Pro color lab, photo finishing and digital imaging services. St. Petersberg, Florida.
A photographic and digital imaging center. Salt Lake City, Utah.
Richmond Camera
Well-established, Virginia-based lab which can fill all of your digital imaging or traditional photographic needs.
River City Silver
Traditional and digital photographic lab in San Antonio and South Texas. Features include LightJet 5000 digital photo prints, drum scans, PhotoCD, Kodak Q-Lab E-6 slide film processing.
Rocky Mountain Film Lab
Old and outdated film developing. Processing for: C-22, C-41A Disc, E-4, infrared, ECN-II, Ektachrome 160, K-11, K-12, Kodachrome II, Kodacolor, Verichrome.
Rental darkrooms, and digicraft, located in Portland, Oregon , offering custom photographic printing, mounting and finishing and pigmented inkjet prints from digital files.
Watts Digital Imaging
Offers custom color Type R prints from slides and transparencies.
Weldon Color Lab
Custom Ilfochrome Classic and Type C printing, mounting and finishing as well as high-resolution, large scale digital copy work. Los Angeles, CA.

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