Shopping Pets Supplies Mobility Aids
Online stores featuring harnesses and cartsfor disabled pets as well as those that sell stairs, steps, and ramps.

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Animal Ortho Care
Orthotics, prosthetics and devices including those made of 3D printed technology
Animal Orthotic and Prosthetic Resources
Directory for orthoses (braces) and prostheses for injured animals.
Best Friend Mobility
Wheelchairs that allow a pet to sit or lie down.
Bottom's Up Leash
Offering a supportive rear harness for dogs.
Dewey's Wheelchairs for Dogs
Custom-made carts for dogs, floatation vests, boots, and accessories.
Dog Mobility
Providing a range of boots and harnesses to assist disabled animals. Illustrated catalogue with product descriptions.
Dog Quality
Dog strollers, wheelchairs, diapers, steps and mobility aids.
Doggon' Wheels
Wheelchairs and carts, support slings, paw protectors, splints and diapers for pets.
Dogmobile Company
Mobility carts and harnesses for dogs
Sells telescoping ramps.
Eddies Wheels
Carts for disabled pets, including quad, counterbalanced, front wheel, and custom designs.
Enabling Pets
Custom-designed cat trees and wheelchair adjustments.
Equine Prosthetics
Manufactures prosthetics including boots, braces, and splints for animals of all sizes.
Offers products, videos, books, articles and for elderly and disabled animals. Also free classifieds and discussion board.
Hartman's Harness
Creates a custom hip harness to support dogs with hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, arthritis and spinal injuries.
Help Your Pets
Pet stairs and ramps to aid pets
K-9 Cart East
Provides dog wheelchairs, mobility aids, original drag bags, canine diapers, bedding and travel products.
K9 Carts
Offering mobility and rehabilitation options for handicapped animals. Includes options for purchase and rental, as well as nursing care and fitting information.
Lucky Cat Furniture
Indoor dog steps and pet stairs
My Pets Brace
Provides custom prosthetics or artificial limbs for dogs and other animals with below elbow or below knee amputations or other loss of limbs.
Biomechanically correct orthotics and prosthetics for dogs and other animals including knee braces, hock, wrist and paw orthotics and adaptive devices.
Pet Classics
Offers a line of ramps, steps and feeders designed to help elderly, miniature and disabled pets.
Pet Loader
Steps and stairs for dogs.
Pet Stairz
Offers pet ramps and stairs.
Pets With Disabilities
Provides, support, education and wheelchair assistance resources
Puppy Stairs
Manufacturer of pet steps. Made from foam with a large selection of washable fabric covers.
Quincy's Dogs
Dog mobility and support harnesses.
Scamp Ramp
Freestanding bed and window ramps.
Scout's House
Disabled pets therapeutic devices and supplements.
Senior Doggy
Products for senior dogs, mobility aids, anxiety reduction products, walking support harnesses, belly bands and special diet supplements
Senior Pet Products
Provides boots, diapers, supplements, mobility aids and joint care products for both cats and dogs
Walkabout Harnesses
Provides custom harnesses for animals with arthritis, hip displasia, spinal trauma and general fatigue.
Wheelchairs For Small Dogs
Wheelchairs for dogs under 28lbs
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