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Many pet owners want to use natural or herbal products to treat their animals.

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Animal Essentials
Specializing in nutritional supplements, including vitamins and herbs.
Animal Herbs and Homoeopathics
Offers a variety of remedies for most animals.
Online store selling holistic, natural supplements for dogs and cats.
Bob Grass
Herbal remedies for skin rashes, ezcema, mange, and all sore or irritated skin. Tablets to cool and purify the blood.
Botanical Dog
Provides natural and organic products for coat, skin, ears, and joints.
Carefree Pet
Specializes in holistic and natural pet products for dogs and cats.
Dog Cross Natural Products
Offers all- natural, herbal medications to treat allergy and arthritis problems, and other nutritional supplements for pets.
Earth Animal
Offers holistic products and services, including treats, books, herbal remedies, vitamins, and toys.
Natural health for dogs, cats, horses and other livestock. Herbal and homeopathic treatment and nutritional supplements.
Healthy Paws
Selling holistic nutrition products, herbal remedies and supplements, with illustrated catalog, newsletter and background information.
Healthy Pets Northwest
Selling natural supplements and alternative therapies.
Formulating Chinese herbal veterinary remedies for horses and dogs. Offers online custom herbal formulation questionnaire.
Hilton Herbs
Offers a range of herbal, homoeopathic and essential oil products for dogs and horses.
Joyful Hands
Organic, vegan and holistic products such as shampoo, anti-itch spray, supplemental powders, treats and baked products.
Kelp Products of Florida, Inc.
Focusing on vegetarian, granular, and vitamin supplements and flea repellents.
Natural Pet Market
Offers food, treats, supplements and assorted supplies.
Including glucosamine, anti-oxidants, and skin supplements.
Only Natural Pet Store
Offering natural pet supplies for dogs and cats as well as articles and information on holistic pet health care.
All Natural Medication for dogs, cats and other animals. Treats flea allergy dermatitis, dry skin, hot spots, other skin irritations. Equiseptic Lotion for horses treats girth rash, sunburn, insect bites.
Supplies a comprehensive range of natural remedies for animals, both herbal and homeopathic products, put together by Medical Herbalists and Homeopath.
Rascal Remedies
Flower remedies for animals suffering behavioural problems. Australian store.
Robbins Pet Care
Holistic health products for dogs and cats. Offering supplements, natural flea control, herbal tinctures, gentle grooming tools, healthy treats, hemp toys, collars and leashes, humane deterrent/training.
Velma's Pets
Bach Flower remedies prescribed for help with anxiety. Training tips.
Veterinarian's Best
Providing dog, cat, and ferret supplements, cleaners, medication, and books. Includes health care information and advice.
Wolf Creek Ranch
Offers a variety of holistic animal products.
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