Health products for pets include the online sales of items that provide for maintaining good health and the treatment of certain diseases and conditions. Products might include worming medication, dietary supplements, pest control products, herbal mixtures, as well as prescription medications.

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Supplies medications, vaccines, flea, health, and grooming products.
Supplier of prescription and popular non-prescription medications for dogs and cats. Features health and behavior articles.
Retailing pet and livestock pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and feed additives.
Products, articles, and information for a variety of allergic conditions. Also holistic information for non-allergic pets.
Canada Vet
Offers flea and tick preventatives along with eye, skin, and dental care products.
Extended Years
Selling medication and supplements for cats and dogs.
Provides health products including flea control, nutritional supplements, and shampoos.
Herb 'n Pets
Provides herbal products, flowers essence remedies, vitamins, minerals and enzymes for preventive health.
Selling medicines and treatments for dogs, cats, and horses. Provides detailed description, ingredient list, and usage instructions and recommendations for products.
Kaeco Group, Inc.
Provides equine, cattle, goat, dog, cat, and bird products and pharmaceuticals.
Medi-Vet Animal Health
Provides prescription and non-prescription medication. Photographs of each product with ingredients and administration details.
The Natural Canine
Provides natural herbal, homeopathy and nutritional supplements for dogs and cats, as well as information about specific conditions and diseases.
Naturally Happy Pets
Carries a range of products for dogs, cats and horses, including repellents, vitamins and minerals, for skin, coat, joints, and general health.
Ortho Vet
Providing splints for dogs and cats to help mobility. Includes product construction and sizing information.
Pet Care Rx
Selling medication, vaccines and pest control products for dogs, cats, birds and fish.
Pet Rx
Offers medications and health information.
Selling an ear thermometer for measuring animal temperature. Sells lower price consumer model as well as veterinary professional unit.
Selling name brand heartworm and flea preventatives as well shampoos, supplements, and eye and ear products.
Sea Starr Animal Health
Supplier of nutritional supplements providing omega 3 fish oil, cod liver oil, shark cartilage, MSM, glucosamine, sea kelp, alfalfa and vitamin E singly or in combinations as treats, powders, capsules and liquids.
Trimline Manufacturing
Provides a flexible alternative to Elizabethan collars for recovering cats and dogs.
Vet-N-Pet Direct
Sells veterinary and pet health care products for dogs, cats and horses. Located in Australia.
Sells prescription and over-the-counter medicine for household and farm animals. Also sells food and general supplies for animals. Provides articles and ordering information. Based in the UK, delivers worldwide.
Based in the UK and offering medications and supplies for all pets and livestock.
VSI Pet Care Products
Offers first aid kits for dogs, cats, birds and horses.
Offers custom fit harnesses and boots for disabled dogs and cats.
Wholesale Kennel Supply
Sells collars with free ID tag, and medications, vitamins, flea and tick control, and vaccines.
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