Online stores offering enclosures and related items suitable for different types of pets, such as aviaries, kennels, pens, runs, aquaria, cages, hutches, crates, and pet doors.

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CD&E Enterprises
Offers animal enclosures and show cages of standard or custom designs, including dog pens, aviaries, and cat condos.
Selling all sizes of pet enclosures.
Essential Kennel Design
Providing books, equipment, blueprints and advice for designing and establishing commercial premises for boarding cats or dogs.
The Happy Hutch Company
Rabbit and guinea pig hutches and runs, dog and cat houses, ferret cages, aviaries, chicken arks, plans, and accessories.
Horizon Micro-Environments LLC
Offers a line of pet carriers for sending live animals through the postal service. Includes postal regulations, company news, and frequently asked questions.
J Worlds
Supplying custom-built enclosures for reptiles, fish and small birds. Includes photographs, testimonials and a video.
Martin's Cages
Supplies standard and custom-made cages for birds and small animals, as well as toys and accessories.
Penthouse Products Ltd.
Modular weatherproof pens and cages for cats and other small animals.
Pet Coupe
Features a transparent ventilated plastic carrier that fastens into a car seat for safety. Suitable for dogs, cats, and birds.
Pet Crates Direct
Selling kennels and cages for dogs, cats, ferrets and small animals.
Quality Cage Co
Manufacturing and selling cages and accessories for birds and small animals.
Ryedale Pet Homes
Specialising in building wooden rabbit hutches, garden furniture, dog kennels and Rabbit runs. Based in North Yorkshire, UK.
Solo Pet Doors
Sensor-activated automatic pet doors for dogs, cats, and pigeons. Includes product features and sizes.
Steve Fisher Woodworking
Supplies hand-made chicken houses, arks, coops and runs. Also supplies log and wellington boot stores, home and garden bars and accessories. Gives information about their products and a wood-burning guide. Ships to the UK and parts of Europe.
Ultra Lite Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of animal enclosures and modular components. Includes dog, cat, small animal, and show cages, pens, condos, and accessories. Custom orders accepted.
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