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Fish are decorative pets, and may be saltwater or freshwater species.

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AmazonMoosey's Ambit
Focusing on aquarium and pond supplies. Also, bird and reptile products.
Anchor Bay Aquarium
Rare and exotic tropical fish and plants. Also, books and fish food.
Saltwater fish, live corals, clams, anemones and inverts along with books and supplies.
Online retailer of parts for aquariums including lights, pumps, protein skimmers, meters, UV sterilizers and filters.
Aquatic Technology
Columbia, Ohio retail outlet offering live stock, supplies, and advice for reef and marine systems.
Armke's Rare Aquarium Fish
Cichlids, tetras and catfishes from Africa. Also carries plants, food, books and aquariums.
Dallas North Aquarium
Dallas retail store. Offers live fresh and salt water fish, invertebrates, corals, and supplies.
Exotic Aquarium
Offers fish supplies, livestock, setup, and maintenance. Retail location in Detroit, Michigan.
Frank's Aquarium and Freshwater Shrimp Farm
Supplies freshwater shrimp and crabs, equipment, ornaments and food.
Guan Mee Trading
Asia based breeder and exporter of the flower horn (hualorhan)fish.
J&L Aquatics
Specializing in marine and reef aquarium equipment, supplies and livestock.
Jonah's Aquarium
Offers fish species, equipment and supplies for freshwater, marine and coldwater aquaria and ponds.
Marine Depot
Hardware, food and additives as well as livestock and live rock/sand for aquariums.
MTC Distributors, Inc.
Features marine fish, invertebrates and aquarium hardware.
North Coast Pets
Livestock, including coral. Complete line of aquarium supplies and hardware.
Premium Aquatics
Text list of hardware and livestock for sale. Indianapolis.
Seahorse Australia
Specialist farm producing seahorses for home and commercial saltwater aquariums. Also carries aquarium accessories, books and seahorse-related gift items.
SeaQuest Marine
Offers dry goods including skimmers, lighting, calcium reactors, RO/DI, pumps, wavemakers, chillers, filters, heaters, and sterilizers for marine and reef aquariums.
Something Fishy Aquatics
Aquariums, filters and livestock.
Stocklys Aquariums of Hawaii
Raises and sells Red Shrimp, seaweed and live rock. Manufacturers of the EcoCosm closed ecosystem- an educational product for home and schools.
Trilby Tropicals
Supplying freshwater fish, live aquatic plants and hardware. Retail outlet in Toledo, Ohio.
Utah Koi
Koi and various pond supplies.

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