Online stores featuring products for dog sports, competition, recreation, and work, such as flyball, show and obedience competition, hiking, herding, weight pulling, and lure coursing.

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3C's Dog Show and Grooming Supplies
Large selection of products with an emphasis on those needed for dogs competing in conformation shows.
The Article Shop
Offers practice and competition scent articles, dumbells and bookmarks.
Cool Pooch
Sports products for dogs, such as water bottles and other beverage containers, performance snacks and a leash.
Dobbs Training Center
Products for handlers and trainers of hounds, working dogs, stock dogs, Schutzhund and gun dogs.
Dogs Unlimited
Products for dogs with a focus on the sporting and hunting breeds as well as products for the hunter.
Offers dog scooters, snowboards, sulkies, bicycle attachments, and harnesses. Information on scooter training, events, classes, and shows.
DogSport Gear
Sells Schutzhund and Police K9 training equipment for working dogs, along with transport items.
Extreme Pet Products
Offers sport and training leashes and harnesses, extensions, couplers, and kennel cart pullers.
Outdoor gear for activities and competitions including skijoring, hiking, mushing, backpacking, running, traveling, flyball, carting, and weightpulling.
Genuine Dog Gear
Products for agility and flyball, including toys, collars, leashes and accessories.
J and J Dog Supplies
Equipment and products for agility, obedience, and flyball, including jumps, toys and books.
Motorized treadmill exercise system. Illustration and description.
The Marine Wearhouse
Supplier of dog life jackets and PFD's.
Mighty Mite Dog Gear
Specializes in agility tents, dog show carts and trialing equipment. Includes books, videos and clicker products.
Nedra Made It
Features a bag for storing needed items and animal waste while walking. Also sells collars and magnets.
Nordkyn Outfitters
Offering a range of products for skijoring, sledding, carting and weightpulling, as well as related books and gifts.
Pets at Play
Features play/back pack fitted to dogs measurements. Includes harness, leash, water bottle, frisbee, ball and poop bags.
Raven's Watch
Offers equipment for sledding and working dogs including collars, harnesses, leads, and backpacks.
Resha Sled Dog Equipment
Offering a range of products for sledding, freighting, weight pulling and skijoring. Includes articles on learning these sports and instructions for measuring dogs for protective clothing.
Ruff Wear
Items for the outdoorsman's pet which include collapsible bowls, boots, backpacks, and life jackets.
Smith Training Equipment
Supplying agility and obedience equipment including weave poles, jumps, teeters and pause tables, leashes, dumbells and scent articles.
The Working Dog Store
Seller of leather and nylon collars and leads for police, search and rescue, and sports.
Working Dogs
Supplying accessories, books, videos and equipment for all activities.
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