This category is for sites that specialize in the sale of Mehndi and henna products, a traditional Indian artform used to decorate hands and feet.

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Approx Cosmetics, Ltd
A selection of pre-mixed paste, kits, powder, application tools, and oils. Also contains information on usage, a FAQ section, and an image gallery, as well as an artist corner and free designs area. Wholesale pricing is available.
Black Henna Kits, Inc.
Features a selection of kits, powder, applicator bottles, and design sheets. Also contains links, a FAQ section, and image gallery.
Castle Art and Import
Henna paste and powder kits, bulk powder, stencils, carrot bags, books, bindis, and jewelry. They also have information on body art application and the history of mehndi.
Earth Henna
Basic and themed ceremonial kits, as well as historic information, links, and an image gallery. Wholesale information available.
Global Henna
Supplier of henna products including hair colors, body art kits, powder, and paste. Wholesale pricing is also available.
Henna Hut
Selection of kits, hair dye, FAQ section, patterns, stencils, oils, and indigo.
Henna King
A selection of colored henna paste, application tools, designs, cosmetic dyes, and kits. Also features a free design section, image gallery, and a FAQ section.
Henna Mehndi Mall
Henna powder and paste, stencils, oils, and accessories.
Henna Paste
Suppliers of natural, colored and black PPD free henna. Also provides free stencils.
The Henna People
Artist supply group offering kits, black henna, tribal and Celtic stencils, crystal body-dots and tattoo jewelry. Wholesale information is also available.
Henna Sooq
Offers henna/mehndi body art services and supplies. West Island, Montreal, Canada.
Kenzi Henna
Supplier of Moroccan henna, as well as supplies including; applicators, stencils, kits, designs, and gloves.
Mendhi Skin Art Distributor
Importer and exporter of mehndi products including pre-mixed paste, bulk powder, stencils, applicators, books, and essential oils. Information on the history of henna, photo gallery, artists links, and a shopping mall.
Tarawa World
Black and brown henna application kits and sheets of sample designs. Site in English and French.
Ziba Beauty
Henna kits, powder, paste, and bindis. Designs available for download, a fact sheet, and directions for henna application and removal.
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