Places to purchase multi-media piano lessons and educational materials.

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Forte Productions Piano Instruction Videos
Offers piano-by-ear videos by instructor Talc Tolchin, emphasizing ear training over note reading.
Hear and Play
Provides workbooks, CDs and software to learn to play piano by ear in gospel and contemporary jazz styles.
Mary Jo Moore Piano Course
Offers books and cassette tapes focusing on playing Christian hymns in classical style.
The McClintock Piano Course
Offers a multi-media package for self-paced home study.
Midimutt Productions
Piano instruction books by Larry Agovino; Melodic Studies for the Jazz Pianist and Scales and Modes for the Jazz Pianist.
Music Wizard Group
Offering the Piano Wizard, a video game designed to teach the user to play and read music.
Piano for Life
Piano lessons on video combine traditional music instruction with rules of harmony and the structure of chords.
Piano Fun
Adult, chord-style method employs one-day seminar and cassette-driven instruction in pop and professional styles with minimal note reading.
Piano is Easy
Walden Pond Press offers a catalog of children's piano-by-number books, CDs and stickers.
Piano Lessons by Video
Offers weekly piano lessons by video along with co-ordinated lesson books. Covers sight-reading, chords, theory, and technique.
Piano Power
Endorsed by musicians and medical professionals alike, this book series offers to take you to new levels of technical and musical proficiency while optimizing your time and avoiding injury.
Offers a learning CD set, video and computer-based piano method instruction for kids.
Provides a membership website teaching techniques of playing piano by ear incorporating text, audio, video, forums and live instruction.
Learn to play piano chords using the Quaverbox Piano Improvisation Course. Offers free tutorials, course information and Faqs.
Saterna Music Publishing
Offers piano lessons through tapes, CDs and books for beginners of all ages.
Stewart Piano
Featuring a book that can be used by teachers, home schoolers and do-it-yourselfers to learn basic theory and technique.
The Sudnow Method
A course to teach adults how to play songs by ear.
Tersun Press
Site by a publisher of piano technique books. Offers a technique book that may rival or surpass the Hanon exercises.
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