Shopping Music Lessons and Instruction
For companies selling musical lessons and instruction, whether in book, tape, or video form. Instructional materials are often available from general instrument retailers (see Shopping/Music/Instruments). See also Arts/Music/Instruments for information on specific instruments.

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ADG Productions
Books, CDs, videos and software for most instruments and styles.
Allegro Music Online
Complete line of products including popular piano methods and Suzuki materials.
Berklee Press
Books and recordings covering all instruments and all main music topics.
Cassette and Video Learning Systems
Instructional books, DVDs and video for guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, harmonica, banjo mandolin, violin and fiddle.
Comp-U-Xpress, Inc.
Offers songbooks and instructional books, CDs, and DVDs for various instruments and styles.
Creative Horizons Music
Sells biblical psalms sheet music, a chord scale chart, and a handbook explaining music theory.
Dr Downing Music
Troubleshooting books for all musicians.
Edly's Musical EdVentures
Sells two books: one to learn music theory and one for piano.
Flying Leap Music
Publishers of You've Got Rhythm, a method to learn and improve music-reading skills.
Frederick Harris Music Company
A progressively graded series of books, CDs, cassettes, and MIDI discs.
Homespun Music Instruction
Wide selection of DVDs and CDs for all instruments and styles.
Offering several educational books for accordion, harmonica, and guitar.
Mike Mangini's Rhythm Knowledge Online
It offers rhythm instruction materials for all instruments.
Guitar tabs, books, videos, sheet music, and CDs for all instruments.
Music in Motion
Sells books, videos, audios, awards, teaching aids, posters, gifts and software.
Music Minus One
Participatory recordings and accompaniment music for musicians and vocalists, including all styles.
Offers instructional videos for accordion, stringed instruments, drums, and brass ensembles.
Perfect Pitch
Offers a training program by David Lucas Burge, designed to teach pitch recognition by ear. Includes research information, and a partial lesson.
Ron Greene's Music Dials
Visual reference guides that show the chords and scales you can play with all instruments.
Southern Music Company
Sheet music and methods for all instruments and ensembles.

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