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Amon Olorin Flutes
ABS resin and contemporary Native American models by Ken Light, handcrafted from western red cedar. Includes information on workshops, tips and facts.
Beech Creek Studio
Offering handcrafted flutes, whistle blocks, and cases, by Rick Heller. Includes tips and instructions.
Blue Star
Native American style spirit flutes, handcrafted from a variety of woods.
Bruce Becker Flutes
Plains Indian style, hardwood, and cases. Offers lessons, dealer pricing available.
Butch Hall Flutes
Featuring a variety of handcrafted models, as well as CDs, books and accessories.
Cedar Spirit Flutes
Hand-crafted designs offering personalized totems. Includes sound samples, and care information.
Chris ti Coom
Makers of Native American wooden flutes, penny whistles, and shakers.
Dreamwind Flutes
Offering handmade designs in single chamber or drone. Includes a photo gallery.
Fallen Branch
Native style and branch flutes, as well as art and crafts. Includes information on workshops, news, and stories.
A selection of handcrafted wooden designs. Includes a poem, and audio bytes.
Fretwell Flutes
Offering a choice of size and wood, with 6 and 5 holes instruments available. Includes advice, workshop, and performance schedule.
Hawk Hurst
Native American style flutes made of rivercane or bamboo. Also offering CDs and books.
Heartsong Flutes
Concert and custom handcrafted designs made from a variety of woods, by JP Gomez.
High Spirits Flutes
Offers designs handcrafted from cedar. Includes accessories, books, music, and recordings. Workshops and show schedules.
Jim Gilliland
Offering cane flutes, as well as styles made from mahogany and Black Mesquite. Includes sound bytes.
Laughing Crow
Offering digitally tuned flutes, created from traditional and exotic woods. Handcrafted by Richard Maynard. Includes a photo gallery.
Littleleaf Native American Flutes
Native American flutes and music by Charles Littleleaf.
Mountain Spirit Flutes
Featuring handmade woodland styles, including rivercane. Includes stories, blog, photos, and show schedule.
Native Love Flutes
Offering a variety keys and woods, as well as an instruction book, recordings, and cases. Includes reviews.
Oregon Flute Store
Includes accessories, instructional materials and songbooks. Offers Native whistles, music, and resources.
Orion's Gate
Hand crafted American Indian flutes featuring cedar in major tunings, including other available woods.
Querencia Woodwinds
Specializing in handmade concert tuned designs by Rich Halliburton. Includes a blog and sound bytes.
Raven Flutes
Hand crafted Native American style flutes in a variety of hard and soft woods and in many keys. Custom made to order.
Raven Song Flutes
Native American designs by Gerry Ouellette. Includes stands, information on how to play, and workshops.
RD Enterprises
Handmade, custom flutes of red cedar and other woods from around the world. Also offering recorded music.
Saggio Healing Arts
Offering handcrafted flutes in various keys and woods, as well as recorded music. Includes crystal singing bowls, and music books.
Searching Bear Flutes
Offering handmade wood styles, as well as Native music by Michael Searching Bear. Includes video, press kits, and discography.
Spirit Of The Woods Flutes
Offering custom-made Native designs by Ed Hrebec. Includes care products, and CDs. Includes a picture gallery.
Australian maker of Native and drone style flutes, as well as the Outback Sax. Includes sample wood items.
Stellar Flutes
Handcrafted Native American style flutes and kits, made in different keys and woods. Includes sound samples.
Thunder Bear Flutes
An array of Native American style flutes made mostly from aromatic cedar.
Two Towers Instruments
Offering handcrafted Native flutes using cedar and hardwoods. Includes a variety of shapes, sizes and musical keys. Photo gallery, song books and audio samples.
Waking Spirit
Handcrafted Native American style flutes offered in many different woods, styles and keys.
Walt Laforet
Offers Native American flutes, songbooks, accessories and CDs. Features pictures, FAQ, and care information.
White Crow Flutes
Featuring hand crafted and concert tuned Native American models. Options include single, double and triple in many keys, woods and styles.
Wind Dancer Flutes
Also includes fine art, and limited edition bronze sculptures by Roger McGee. Includes a photo gallery, and poem.
Wind's Song Flutes
Includes flutes tuned to traditional minor scales. Offers a forum, workshops, links and tips.
Woodland Voices
Handcrafted flutes are digitally tuned, in a choice of keys and wood. Offers a variety of wood-burned designs to choose from.
Native American flutes using a variety of woods with options available on designs and totems.
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