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This category is for sites specializing in sales of replicas of early wind instruments.

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Antique Sound Workshop, Ltd.
A workshop in Plymouth, Massachusetts, specializing in historical woodwind, brass, string, keyboard, and percussion instruments.
Dolmetsch Online
Sales, restoration and repair of recorders and other early instruments, with articles, sheet music, advice and links.
The Early Music Shop
Selling kits and ready-made instruments such as recorders, clavichords, lutes, psalteries and citterns. Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.
Eugene Ilarionov
Historical woodwinds, including recorders, bagpipes, tabor pipes and whistles.
Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments
Manufacturer, publisher, distributor and dealer of Susato pennywhistles, tabor-pipes, pentatonic recorders, wide-bore Renaissance style recorders, snappy-thumbrests, crumhorns, and hurdy-gurdies. Located in Brasstown, NC.
Lazar's Early Music
Recorders and other Baroque and Renaissance wind instruments, as well as viols, vielles and Baroque and modern violins, violas and cellos. Located in Sunnyvale, CA.
Martin Praetorius
German maker of dulcians and Renaissance and Baroque recorders.
Martin Wenner Flutes
German maker of Renaissance, Baroque and modern flutes and recorders.
Migma eG Musical Artisans Cooperative Association
A German association of craftsmen who maintain and continue the traditions of musical instruments making. Offering string instruments, bows, plucked instruments, wind instruments, historical instruments, and Orff instruments.
P.G. Bleazey
Woodwind instruments of the flute family from the 13th century to the Renaissance period, and percussion instruments based on originals in museums.
Peter van der Poel
Maker of wooden recorders, clarinets and oboes from The Netherlands.
Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd.
An early music workshop in Spain making medieval, Renaissance and Baroque musical instruments for historical performance.
von Huene Workshop, Inc.
Maker and dealer of historical woodwinds. They also repair instruments and sell music, accessories and instruments by all makers of historical woodwinds, strings and keyboards.
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