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Sites offering online shopping primarily for instruments for ethnic or regional music styles (from an American perspective).

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Andy's Front Hall
Folk music books, recordings, and instruments, including tin whistles, thumb pianos, dulcimers, bodhrans, and flutes.
Afro-Cuban, Latin, and African percussion including bembe, bata, sabar, djembe, rumba, and kutiro.
Bucks County Folk Music
Offers ukeleles, bodhrans, world flutes and accessories. Includes company profile and FAQs.
Carousel Publications Ltd
World instruments including djembes, doumbeks, singing bowls, gongs, didjeredoo, ocarinas, bells, and tabla. Music publications and the global music curriculum K-12 World.
Dan Moi World Music Instruments
Offers various instruments from around the world. Based in Germany, ships worldwide. Provides both German and English translation.
Everyone's Drumming
Custom made hand drums, percussion accessories, djembes, ashikos, talking drums, djuns, repair service and drumbags. Located in Vermont, United States.
Fire Om Earth Studio
Handmade musical instruments ranging from bamboo and clay flutes, to ocarinas, boudrans, timbrels, riks, and doumbeks.
Fujara World
Fujaras - long overtone shepherd's flutes. History, how to play, audio samples, picture galleries. Also the Fujaridoo, a combination of fujara and didgeridoo. Based in Slovakia.
Heartsong Studios
Sells hand-crafted ceramic doumbeks, wooden african tongue drums and wooden marimbas.
Hobgoblin Music
Folk and acoustic instruments from around the world, music books, and CDs.
House of Musical Traditions
Musical instruments, books, videos and recordings from many cultures around the world.
I Love Musica
Suppliers of custom made Mariachi clothing, instruments, strings and educational materials for the Mariachi and Latino bands.
Offering world instruments, rhythm kits and games, and multicultural programs for all ages.
Joyful Vibrations
Handmade hand drums, construction diagrams. The drums are a cross between a doumbek and a djembe. Located in Helena, Montana.
The Mariachi Connection
Clothing and accessories for mariachi. Instruments, strings, sheet music, and books.
Medusa's Musical Mysteries
Djembes, ashikos, and other percussion items and accessories; instructional videos, recommended CDs, tips on drum care. Based in Grayslake, Illinois.
Mid-East Mfg
Ancient ethnic instruments from India, Africa and the Middle East.
Recorders, bagpipes, panpipes, flutes, ocarinas, drums and other percussion; practice books for recorder. Based in Richelieu, Quebec, Canada.
Music Folk
A music instrument shop specializing in acoustic and folk instruments and accessories. Missouri, United States.
Offers a variety of ancient Nepali musical instruments like sarangi, madal, and sitars.
Rocky Mountain Alphorns
William Hopson is building spruce and maple Alphorns in Calgary,Alberta, Canada. Also offers music, folklore, and compact discs.
African Djembe's and other instruments from around the world. Located in Illinois, United States.
Sacred Rites
An assortment of sacred art, music, ritual items and musical instruments all over the world. Located in Arizona, United States.
Saggio Healing Arts
Original classic crystal singing bowls and practitioner clear bowls. Chakra, note chart online for singing bowls.
Strum Hollow Acoustic Music
Vintage instruments as well as handmade dulcimers and banjos. Handmade rhythm instruments such as washboards and musical spoons.
Tikiri Polynesian Instruments
Hand-made Polynesian/Tahitian/Hawaiian drums and ukelele. Information about Polynesian events and instruments. Located in Hawaii, United States.
Todaro's Music
Ethnic and exotic musical instruments. String, wind, percussion, student, vintage, accordians. Located in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, United States.
World Beats
Learn about bones, drums, bodhrans and rare world music percussion instruments. CDs, videos, instruments and instructional material available for purchase. Hear sample sounds by multi-ethnic drummer/percussionist, Aaron Plunkett.
World Musical Instruments
Presenting a selection from various countries. Including sitar, harps, tabla, djembe, dulcimer, balalaika, bagpipes, and other string, wind, drum and percussion.

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