Rough or slab is gemstone material in its natural state prior to cutting, finishing, polishing or faceting. Suppliers in this category are often miners, individual lapidarists, or firms closely connected to mining operations, who sell online to the general public. Rough is often further described as either facet or cab depending upon its suitability for finishing - facet rough being typically translucent with minimum impurities, and cab rough being generally opaque.

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Brian Norton
Fine faceting rough from Africa. Tourmaline, aquamarine, sapphire, spinel, and garnet.
Comprehensive cabbing and slab rough inventory index. Numerous inked sites offer rare turquoise rough, finished cabs, facet rough and lapidary machinery.
The Gem Quarry
Gem rocks and clusters for decorative purposes. Clear quartz clusters, amethyst, colored quartz, fluorite, other crystal for garden use.
Gems and Rough
Facet and cabbing rough in several grades. Some lapidary and faceting machinery.
Harwood Gems
Mariposa. black feather plume agate, imperial and ocean jasper rough. Cabochons available.
Jackson's Gems
Facet rough, opal rough, faceting and other lapidary machines.
John E. Garsow
Fine faceting and cabbing rough in small parcels. Some jewelry.
Kalat Fine Minerals
Minerals, fossils, jewelry, meteorites for sale to dealers, collectors and jewelry makers. Handmade jewelry from crystals, tektites and meteorites.
Madagascar Minerals
Miner and supplier of Madegascar rough material, cut stones, and finished stone goods.
Mexico Gemstones
Mexican fire opal and fire agate specialist, both finished and rough, Chiapas amber, and native mineral specimens.
Pretty Rock Productions
Cabochon and faceted gemstones, rough, gemology tools and custom jewelry. Slab sawing service.
Ritchard's Gems
Star sapphire, amethyst, oro verde, citrine rough and some faceted stones. Quaint Arkansas diamond-hunting story.
TMS Gems
Fine facet rough to the hobbyist as well as to the trade.
The Trade Roots Collection
Wide range of rough gemstone materials including Mediterranean coral, turquoise, shell, labradorite, and Chiapas amber.
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