This category is for silver, gold and platinum craftsmen who create and hand craft their own original work from raw materials. Jewelers who use commercial mounts and components to set stones into jewelry should apply to another category. Only sites that offer hand crafted metal jewelry personally made by the site owner should be submitted here.

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Adam Fox
Gold jewelry in Hawaiian and ocean motifs.
Brian Adam Designs
Handcrafted jewelry and eyeglass designs.
Bryan Steagall
Rings, brooches, bracelets, earrings and Christian jewelry.
Buckles Etc.
Handcrafted, silver and gold, custom belt buckles and western jewelry.
Camias Jewelry Designs
Celtic and magical jewelry, wedding bridal circlets, and torcs by Kelly Graham.
Connie Hinkle Designs
Jewelry in sterling silver, vermeil, gold and platinum created using the lost wax process.
Elizabeth R. Agte Jewelry
Handmade sterling silver, gold and copper jewelry with semi-precious stones.
Emmy MacKenzie
Jewelry and miniature sculpture in sterling silver, gold, or platinum with colored gemstones.
Fine Jewelry by Poppy
Fine gold and silver jewelry by artist Poppy Vincent. Designs include botanical, nature, religious, and filigree themes.
Flax Metal Arts Studio
Sterling silver and bronze belt buckles featuring landscape and Celtic motifs.
Hawke Originals
Offering handcrafted sterling silver and 14K gold jewelry set with fossils and other select or hand cut stones.
Hubbell Goldsmiths
Provides jewelry designs with a selection of precious metals and gems.
Linda Macdonald Designs
Handmade jewelry designed using simplistic lines and contrasting metals.
Logan Designs
Handcrafted jewelry combining sterling silver, copper, gold filled and semi-precious stones with musical themes.
Luna Parc
Handcrafted thimbles, mechanical insect jewelry, and handmade bronze and sterling silver miniatures.
Meltdown Studio
Catalog of handcrafted jewelry by Lauren Tobey.
Mendy Marks Handmade Jewelry
Anodized aluminum, sterling silver and 14K gold pieces combining color and contemporary styling.
Monica Designs
Presenting silver and gold jewelry mainly with nature themes.
Monique Leon Jewelry
Offering handmade sterling silver and bronze jewelry.
Pepi and Co.
Excelsior pewter pendants, band and puzzle rings with historical relevance. Also a variety of Celtic, talismans, zodiacs, runic, and goddess designs.
Pnut Jewelry
Custom handmade sterling silver jewelry designs made with silver and precious stones.
Poetry Rings
Custom made text, puzzle, and stone rings.
Portfolio Metalwork
Featuring a portfolio of jewelry collections designed and made by Thomas Reardon and Kathleen Doyle.
Precious Metalsmith
Specializing in Mokume Gane, a Japanese technique of using contrasting metals in an organic pattern.
The Quarter Smith
Selection of handcrafted jewelry by designer, goldsmith and silversmith Ken Bowers.
Steven Brixner Jewelry
Contemporary jewelry design in silver and gold using unusual stones.
Unique Jewelry Designs
Silver and gold jewelry made using the lost wax casting method.
The Vintage Locket
Offers jewelry designed from precious metals, gemstones, metal stamping, resin, photo transfer, and Balinese silver by artist Melissa Cox.
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