This category is for sites that offer PIERCING jewelry for sale to retail customers.

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Arka Ltd
Selection of tunnels, plugs and large gauge earrings in a range of materials such as glass, wood and steel.
Sells wide selection of body jewelry such as plugs, navel rings and barbells. Aftercare products are also available.
Specializes in ear stretching, but also offers other body jewelry such as navel bars, labrets, barbells and dermal anchors.
Body Circle Designs
Handcrafted 316LVM stainless steel and 14K gold body piercing jewelry including barbells, captive bead rings, navel jewelry, labrets, tongue jewelry and septum jewelry.
The Body Jewellery Store
Online retailer of body jewelry and fashion accessories including belly bars, tongue bars, labrets, flesh tunnels and more in a range of materials and sizes. Aftercare information is also available.
Body Matters Gold
Handmade gold, white gold and platinum jewelry with precious gemstones. Also contains measuring directions and studio services.
Body Modern
Stainless steel body adornment items and supplies. Also includes an aftercare information section and a gallery of recent piercings.
Offers wide range of body jewelry including labrets, navel bars, dermal anchors and barbells. Ability to shop by jewelry type, material or price.
Offers a range of body jewelry including dermal anchors, tapers and plugs plus aftercare products.
Offers a selection of designer navel rings, plugs for ears, ultraviolet circular barbells and tongue bars. Also showcases a range of clothing and hats. A size converter is available.
Offers a wide range of body jewelry including belly rings, septum piercing, nipple hoops and chains. Jewelry measuring chart and care information is also available.
Sells wide range of body jewelry online including barbells, navel bars, labrets and nose studs. Provides information on studio in Denmark.
The Chain Gang
Charms, segment and circle rings, gem set items, belly knockers, ultraviolet items and nostril screws. Features a monthly newsletter and customer testimonial section.
Offers large selection of body jewelry such as barbells, labrets, navel rings and retainers. Provides size chart with measuring guide.
Ear Stretcher Shop
Sells ear stretchers, tapers, tunnels and plugs offering a range of styles and sizes, consisting of safe materials. Includes articles relating to ear stretching.
The Exotic Body
Specializing in navel items, nostril screws and gemstones. Also carries a line of straight, curved and circular barbells, captives, beads and charms. A gallery, calendar of events and piercing seminars are also offered.
Fashion Hut
Features an assortment of belly rings including navel shields, bannabells, 14K gold and dangles. Also offers a selection of mix and match, create your own, bathing suits.
Flux Piercing Studio
Sells a wide range of body piercing jewelry online and in-store. Also features piercing and aftercare information.
Source for a wide variety of body piercing jewelry. Features items such as: belly rings, tongue rings, nose rings, labrets and lip rings.
Garuda Organic Earrings
Wooden and bone earrings and wood jewelry, by indigenous peoples. Contains information about the materials used and company details.
Gem's Body Jewellery
Offers CZ navel bars, UV, flashing and vibrating tongue studs, navel bars and adornments from the United Kingdom. Also features standard and oral aftercare information.
Glasswear Studios
Hand-blown pyrex glass products such as: single and double flared plugs, claws and custom septum pieces.
I Max International
Selection of items in white and 18K gold, surgical grade stainless steel, niobium and titanium. Available in Italian, German, French and English.
Surgical steel and gold items in a range of banana bars, BCRs, tongue bars and facial labrets.
Jules Body Jewellery
Offers wide range of body jewelry including items manufactured in the UK.
King's Body Jewelry
Selection of body jewelry including items such as ear plugs, tapers, stretching kits, eyelets, flesh tunnels, tongue rings, pinchers, captives and barbells.
Kolo Body Arts
Body jewelry sold in selection of materials including amber, brass, coconut shell and wood. Also features body piercing blog.
Kwahm Sumpan
Sells wide range of body jewelry. Sizes and measuring chart also available.
Lex and Lu
Offers a range of body jewelry including barbells, labrets and septum rings with aftercare information. Selection of fashion jewelry also available.
Omerica Organic
Wood plugs, made to order in Denver, USA.
One Stop Body Jewellery
Offers large collection of body jewelry including navel rings, barbells, retainers and nose rings. A range of non-piercing jewelry is also available.
Out Of Body Jewellery
Offers range of body jewelry in different materials such as 316L surgical steel, titanium, acrylic and bioplastic. A selection of bracelets and necklaces are also available.
Painful Pleasures
Source for a wide variety of jewelry and accessory needs, as well as information for the professional piercer. Features items such as: tongue rings, navel rings, labrets, belly rings, nipple rings, septum keepers, tusks and horns.
Pierce This 2
Offering a selection of items including: belly button, nipple, tongue, eyebrow and nose items. Also features custom designed items.
Offers range of body jewelry items such as navel bars, barbells, claws, plugs and tunnels. Also offers piercing supplies, aftercare products and information on different materials.
Piercing Map
Offers range of body jewelry available in different materials including: titanium, silver, PTFE and organic.
Piercing Mart
Offers range of body jewelry in different materials including: steel, titanium and solid gold.
Specializes in plugs, tunnels and tapers. Also offers custom plugs.
Popular Piercing
Body jewelry listed by type, style and material.
Pretty Piercing
Gold, silver and titanium piercing jewelry as well as a selection of items listed by body area.
Robot Piercing & Tattoo
Sells range of body jewelry including plugs, tunnels and ear weights available in many organic materials.
Sells body jewelry including belly rings, tongue rings, nose rings and 14K gold belly rings.
Steel Navel
Ornamental items crafted from 14K gold, titanium, glass and sterling silver. Search by price, body part, item type or color.
Surfing Silver
Offers range of body jewelry including navel bars, labrets and nose rings. A selection of tattoo supplies are also available.
Adornment items, information and supplies. Includes a community forum.
Trinity Body Jewelry
Offers range of items including: barbells, navel bars, lip hooks and aftercare products.
Tummy Toys
Specializing in belly button rings and navel rings. Items available in 316L surgical steel, solid gold, silver and medical grade materials.
Sells range of body jewelry by type, size and material. Features guide on ear stretching and aftercare information.
The Wildcat Collection Ltd
Providing a range of items such as: silicon accessories, satellites, body spirals, fluorescent items, nipple shields and niobium items.
Zaya Body Jewelry
Specializes in plugs, tunnels and ear stretching kits. Materials include 316L surgical steel, titanium, acrylic and silicone.

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